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Affected by Sight


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Many are so affected from many areas of life: Church, School. Marraiges, Politics, Family Life. Due to the challenging experiences, LIFE has taken a TOLL for the worse, because of things fromthe PAST. Many were loving and sincerely individuals, but there was a clitch that detour your way of thinking. Becasue NO ONE came to see about you, this segment is about Redemption and being REDEEMED. There are still some good people that truly care, and love you and want to help you in many ways. Feel free to join in and call. Love you much! Tune in Every Saturday for a different show segment.

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My email and text messages have flooded regarding issues that is encircled around "Single Women"...It appears that some things have gone overlooked within the church. I received over 10,000 emails from married people, trying to get a... more

I will be interviewing Bishop Robert R. Sanders the Prelate of Illinois 3rd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction State Workers Meeting Convening on March 23rd through 27th Highlighteng speakers and service locations. You don't want to... more

Oh boy....I have noticed in some areas of the church and the secular world that many do not know how to take professional pictures or handle business professional~. Not just in the church but in the secular world. The problem is that... more


There are so many people that are homeless and while the church is having inside church programs, there is NO place available for the homeless church folk or their families to go...Let's talk about it!

Some of the NEW generation in this day have a total different aspect of the way parenting should be given. You hear various views upon how parenting should flow, but when a teen or young adult becomes involved in the Criminal Justice... more

I received over 1500 emails asking me questions regarding giving their Income tax refund to the Pastor....IRS...Well, out of the 1500 emails 1000 of them are ANGRY because every time they turn around, Leaders are creating documents... more

Bobbi kristina Brown the daughter of the late whitney Houston....How many can relate to some areas of her life and the challenges that she has faced. As a people, we need to understand how to help those or pray for those that are in... more

We will be conducting a LIVE interview with Dr. Earl Carter and members of the 7000 Club. You don't want to miss this opportunity to see what God has in store for his people as well as fighitng off Satan's Kingdom. If you rmember, Dr.... more

On today's show, I will be interviewing the First Lady of the Southern California Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ where her husband Bishop George Dallas McKinney is the Presiding Prelate...She is the Bishop's... more