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Lady KatrinaM

Affected by Sight


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Many are so affected from many areas of life: Church, School. Marraiges, Politics, Family Life. Due to the challenging experiences, LIFE has taken a TOLL for the worse, because of things fromthe PAST. Many were loving and sincerely individuals, but there was a clitch that detour your way of thinking. Becasue NO ONE came to see about you, this segment is about Redemption and being REDEEMED. There are still some good people that truly care, and love you and want to help you in many ways. Feel free to join in and call. Love you much! Tune in Every Saturday for a different show segment.

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There are so many people that are coming into the Ministry for the WRONG Reason. Some, will make attempt to join a church, just to see what they can get out it. Let's chat about things that MANY refuse to understand...It's NOT about... more

My emails have over flooded with questions and concerns. There are so many Pastors that are passing away, and they are not leaving the Church Business in Tact. The entire membership is at odds: Then when Overseer's... more

I recently read an article that was very troubling. When a BILL is presented, is the Church taking a Stand or is it AFRAID to teach the Truth...

Let's Chat about the services!!

God created family in the likeness of his Image....But what happened to the Family....Is God pleased with the Way is structured now or is it selfishness that take place.....Let's Chat for a Moment...

Counseling Programs are on the uprise. Many families seek or individuals to help understand how to go through problems or challenges that is brought on in Life. The question is that HOW FAR as a Professional do you go with your... more

At 3pm this afternoon..I will be interviewing Benjamin Jimerson Phillips the son of the late Bishop J.O Patterson Sr, on the upcoming Movie Production of "Tribute to COGIC (Church of God in Christ) Pioneers

Highlights of the Womens Day service...so many families are torn and ripped a part from the act of adultery and many have lost their connection with God by committing "Spiritual Adultery"..is there a way back...Let's Chat!!

It's time for a change! There is so much corruption when it comes to DHS and Child Support....The system FAILS on ALL AREAS of supporting the Child and or Children. The Child Support Court system talks out of BOTH sides of their... more

17 years ago, I published my first book entitled, "Basic Church Etiquette"... The purpose of publishing the book was to help in those areas, where the exemplification of Christ is being displayed. I've noticed down through the years,... more