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Lady KatrinaM

Affected by Sight


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Many are so affected from many areas of life: Church, School. Marraiges, Politics, Family Life. Due to the challenging experiences, LIFE has taken a TOLL for the worse, because of things fromthe PAST. Many were loving and sincerely individuals, but there was a clitch that detour your way of thinking. Becasue NO ONE came to see about you, this segment is about Redemption and being REDEEMED. There are still some good people that truly care, and love you and want to help you in many ways. Feel free to join in and call. Love you much! Tune in Every Saturday for a different show segment.

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Oh this topic is constantly OVERLOOKED! There are WOMEN that have an agenda that WILL cause YOUR MARRIAGE and YOUR CAREER to be destroyed...We really need to talk about it! They are seeking to DESTROY... more

OMG OMG OMG...the Bible HAS SPOKEN! What happened to the Religious Leaders believing GOD? The United States have failed! Same sex marriage has NOW been mandated for ALL 50 STATES>..Who punked out....I STAND ON... more

There are many people that are so confused when many tell the stories of how God delivered you....BUT you dabble into SIN while wearing the cloth or representing the WORD...Is your testimony RIGHT,,,Confusing....or just PLAIN... more

There are so many young people that want to be grown, however the way that they are thinking is messing up not only their OWN lives, but the lives of others....Let's chat

There are so many issues surrounding how WOMEN should dress in the church...BUT what does the Bible require versus what WE decide to do? Let's talk about it

Oh on last night in the International Womens Convention of the Church of God in Christ Inc. Our National Supervisor of Women Mother Williw Mae Rivers SHUT THE HOUSE DOWN! The Holiness Lifestyle has been laid aside....Dress... more

There are so many women that are wives that are in the Ministry that have been married for years...However, the secrets that is behind the door will tell stories of abuse and things that took place that cause to women to become sick, seek... more

There are so many people whether it is in the Political..Religous or Moral...they Marry ONLY to please the FLESH....but what is the TRUTH about risking or making POOR decisions when you MARRY someone that is NOT in the Will of... more

There are so many religious leaders no matter what status of position that you hold in the Church, for some reason LIVE a double standard LIFE before the world. Now, you can't criticize the world for their honest doings, but, is it right for... more

There are so many young people that DO NOT understand about the term amd definition of what having YOUR Priority in line and handling your business. Many are living in this world with a backwards concept about life....Living at home... more