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Encouraging ways to have a GREAT day. Knowing that in spite of having a bad day, with FAITH in GOD tomorrow will be better. Testimonies about overcoming life experiences and issues at home, church, school, work and more. Seizing the joys of life every morning to start your day with a fresh positive outlook. Remembering to take every opportunity to give GOD the GLORY and not letting your circumstance dictate your PRAISE. Capturing the positive even when things seem negative!

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Was the defendant in the Trayvon Martin case guilty or not guilty based on the evidence presented? Was the defendant guilty or not guilty based on his actions that led up to the shooting? If you have sons, teenage sons or if you... more

If you are too busy for idol nonsense and people are constantly calling on you for help, advice, complaints then don't take heed, tune in and lets talk about it.

Identifying when you are out of order. Are you unorganized, always late, always broke, always lost and don't know what to do? Then this epsiode is for you.

Are you saved and having trouble relating to your family and freinds? Do people think your boring because you now go to church? Are you having a party and afraid nobody wants to come because of your spirituality?

Are you a Trouble Maker or Peace Keeper? Do you confront trouble makers or remain silent? If you are the trouble maker, why? If you are the peace maker, how do you make and keep the peace

Is your spiritual growth being hindered? What does it mean to let go and let GOD? Do I belong here? Seeking GOD even when you feel hurt, confused about issues in church, home, work and life. Is it time to move on?

Accepting a relatives relationship. Respecting boundaries. Knowing when to get involved. Stading in the gap and learning how to bridge gaps of family memebers who have fallen out or apart. Mending and moving on.

Testimonies and tips about co-working, co-existing with difficult employees and upper management. Being unhappy with the people you must work alongside and still being able to put your best foot forward and getting the job done without... more