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This show is to challenge and motivate you to livng a complete and balanced life with enjoyment. Ladichosen will inspire listeners to excel in integrity and excellence. Most of all have "Fun" and enjoy life.

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Believe it or not the world wants to see us Christians live what we talk about! It is amazing that they are looking for something and someone(s) to be exactly what they talk about in the Word of God. They are not looking for us to look like and... more

Having a wonderful time and enjoying a saved life in Christ Jesus. Being mindful of having and keeping a balanced life, while knowing that success and excellence only comes from HIM. It is of utmost joy and great pleasure to have Jesus... more

Fun,fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge,... more

It's all about being an example of what a Christian's Life should look, feel and be! JESUS loves all of us and he is concerned ablout everything about us as well. The Word of God has many promises in the Book and they are all yet... more

It's Showtime In Our Christian Walk with JESUS and illuminated to the World! What can be a better life than walking and talking with JESUS? Finding that life can be more successful, peaceful, wholesome, kind and just oh so wonderful... more

You can make yourself have a very good and wonderful day! It's as easy as you let it be. The lifestyle of a Christian is living as though Jesus Himself is watching closely each day. Jesus' love for us is so phenomenally pleasant that it... more

To tell and show how it can be easy, fun and enjoyable living this Christian Life! Christians must live a well-balanced life and we can inspire you to do so. we not only teach but train as well and you can and will be able to train your own spirit... more

Every 4th Wednesday Morning @ 10:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. We strive to be a greater encouragement to the body of Christ! We also, strive to be Spiritually "effective" along with sharing on how to have a wonderful "balance" and lots of... more

It is a given that as a Christian we can and we should live a fun-filled, well-balanced, inspired life including being challenged with excellence in our every-day living! What joy and happiness we find when we discover all the... more