The Chronical of Ladi Kay

The Chronical of Ladi Kay


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Love, Life, Hardship, Success, Laughter. We will talk about it all. Get it off you chest, dont have to worry bout people pointing fingers.

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Welcome to the new time slot. The Chronical of Ladi Kay has changed its day from Thursday to wednesday. Today is a short show just to keep you intouch. Any corncerns or opinions are welcome. tell me what can I do to make the show... more

Image and self perception is the topic. How do you think it affects everything? Are you satified with your image? If not what are you doing to change it? If yes why? Image is key in life, so are you making a good one

What are some of the trends that have made waves in your eye? What do you consider yourself a trendsetter or a follower? Are there any that you wouldnt be a part of. What are the pro's and con's. Let talk about it.

Some of you are in successful marriages and some of you have been divorced or are going through a divorce. MARRIED FOLKS: What can you share with those who are new to marriage or contemplating marriage, that you feel will... more

Tonight we discuss money vs. education. In life there are 3 thing that require a loan, You home, your car and your education. We tend to put our education loan on hold to obtain the loan for a car or home. Or we'd rather spend $106 on... more

It is coming up to V-day, so what are your plans for the special person in your life? Do you have any memorable experiences, good or bad? And why is it that people go the extra yard on this day? Lets talk about it.

Jan.15 1929 no one knew the life of Michael King Jr. better know as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would become the person to make a change. Tonight we will talk about his legacy. Let examine how far we have come and how far we still have... more

Tonight we're asking and answeing questions about life, love, relationship, and money. How much do we think alike? Are our veiws different? Lets take everyday life and examine it.

It a new year and Im still the same ol me. Lol. Many people put togther a new year resolution this year I opt out. Dont want to make plans and not keep them. So do you have a resolution? How did you bring in the new year.... more

Mary Murphy began a singing career singing on her husband's (Doc Murphy) church albums as a lead and background vocalist. Later she was a part of a group called Nu Flava that did some traveling and singing regionally and recorded a... more