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Life, love, lust, sex, relationships, music, religion, philosophy, politics....WHATEVER. We'll dig deep into why people do what they do, and ask the questions that EVERYONE wants to know the answers to. Let's talk about it people! Call In Number--347-945-7705 Voice Mail--612-424-3870 Yahoo IM--La_JuanaW

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Relationship deal breakers, what won't you put up with? 237 reasons to have sex. When should you feel the "spark"? Dr. Smith's advice column, and more! Let's talk about it people!!!

Topics for this show include...Men and Going Down, Yung Berg & Dark Butts, Would You Date a Stripper? Mo' Flames Book "One Ain't Enough" and more...Let's Talk About It PEOPLE!

R. Kelly Verdict/Why Do People Hate Gays and Lebians SO MUCH? and when did it become cool to be bisexual? (not that I'm complaining, lol) Call In Number--347-945-7705 Voice Mail--612-424-3870 Yahoo IM--La_JuanaW

What's my issue with intimacy, Part 2. Is sex in the workplace ever a good idea? My boyfriend is addicted to p*rn (Advice). Call-in# 347-945-7705 Voice Mail# 612-424-3870 Yahoo IM La_JuanaW it goes. I'm opening up the blog comments and radio show line for you guys to analyze why I have such a HUGE PROBLEM WITH INTIMACY. This is your chance to break it down for me, hold no punches, tell me what's really... more

Miley Cyrus photos Public Figures and their sex scandals, why do they do it? Why do their wives stand by them? I think I may be lesbian (Advice) Are there people who are hot enough for you to let them give you head, but you would never go... more


Sex Tapes, Webcams, Emails, Naughty Voice Mails and Text Messages. They have become a part of our sexual culture, but are we missing out on the personal touch? Let's talk about it people!
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