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'Pure Liberal' Fire


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---Commentary and analysis from a unique vantage point. A vivid alternative to conventional rightist/conservative and leftist/progressive politics and philosophy. I discuss issues from an updated classical liberal or Enlightenment liberal perspective. This can also be seen as a variant of libertarian and Objectivist thought. ----------"Pure liberalism" is based upon the best and truest of the traditional liberal cultures of Greece, Rome, Europe, and America (all sadly defunct). It's also based upon the best and truest of the avant-garde theories of Austrian economics, libertarian politics, and Objectivist philosophy. ----------"Pure liberalism" is essentially the philosophy of reason, rationality, logic, and science; the ethics of individualism, self-interest, and personal happiness; the politics of liberty, justice, and individual rights; the aesthetics of vivacity, dynamism, and heroism; and the (rational) spirituality of the transcendent, the sublime, and the infinite. (Objectivism, libertianism, classical liberalism, freedom, liberty, Ayn Rand.) (Nathaniel Branden, David Kelley, Robert Bidinotto, Leonard Peikoff, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Founding Fathers, Jefferson, Madison, Hayek, Von Mises.)

On-Demand Episodes

Libertarian and classical liberal analysis. US Supreme Court justice David Souter retiring. Also a bit about Swine Flu and the banned substance Hydroxycut. But mainly Natural Law and justice! [11 minutes]

A radical LIBERTARIAN or CLASSICAL LIBERAL view of the Chrysler bankruptcy. Why we need MORE of these! Why economic and credit bail-outs, rescues, and stimulus plans are evil, stupid, destructive nonsense. [11 minutes]

Pirates in Somalia! Drugs in Mexico! Torture in the US! [hideous technical problems -- show starts maybe 7 minutes in and runs for 7 minutes more]

Libertarianism and classical liberalism. News and current events. Barack Obama vs. George Bush. And the bail-outs and rescues for AIG, Fannie, Citi, GM, etc. plus the stimulus for all of us. [about 13 minutes]

Libertarianism and classical liberalism. This show featured yesterday's jihadi attack on Mombay, India killing 130 or so; and the desperate need for "transparency" to solve the current worldwide depression. [15 minutes]

Libertarianism and classical liberalism. I discussed: Wall Street, GM, the upcoming Group of 20 meeting, and George Bush. [13 minutes]

Libertarianism and classical liberalism. This show mainly discussed the just finished November 4th, 2008 election. Topics included John McCain's speech, Barack Obama's speech, black racism, Jesse Jackson weeping, Bob Barr,... more

Libertarianism and classical liberalism. News, current events, and politics. This show featured: the new evil natural gas cartel from Russia, Iran, and Qatar; welfare for billionaire sports teams; India's rocket to the moon; Paul McCartney's... more

Libertarianism and classical liberalism. Current events, news, and politics. This show featured: German failure to fight in Afghanistan; seniors questioning the age of John McCain; the individual rights component of the 2nd Amendment;... more
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