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Fun with herbs! Light, lively discussion of ways to add aroma and flavor to everyday life - cooking, crafting, and homecaring. Your host, Jules, is an escapee from Corporate America who has been teaching about and crafting with herbs since the mid-1990's. In 1997, she traded high heels for workboots and spent the next 11 years working for a retail/wholesale herb nursery. This radio show will discuss the lighter and more fun side of herbs - cooking and crafting, but not medicinal uses.

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You've got herbs in the ground... they're growing... now what?

This week, it's your show! We're having an open-topic, question-and-answer session about herbs and the ways to enjoy them - cooking, growing, crafting, bath and body. (Keeping it legal and non-medicinal of course! ;-) Be ready to call in... more

In today's show, we're celebrating 2012's International Herb or the Year: the beautiful and oh-so-useful Rose. Often referred to as "The Queen of Flowers", the Rose has been known and used by people for thousands of years. We'll talk... more

Maybe it's herbal today, and maybe it's not, but one thing's for sure - it's Kentucky Derby Week in the beautiful state of Kentucky, and it's time to get the party rolling! We'll be devoting this conversation to some of the food and fun that... more

Apple, Pineapple, Orange, English, Candy, Chocolate, Blue Balsam, Spearmint, Peppermint – the list of mint varieties go on and on! Our featured herb for this show, mint is delicious and oh-so-useful in many different ways. Come join... more

It's Spring in the northern hemisphere - time to lighten up, flavor up, and cook it outdoors! On Monday's show, we'll be discussing Herbal Mixes, Rubs, and Salts for outdoor (or indoor!) grilling. Come join us and share your favorite ways... more

Spring is the natural time to think about having a few friends over for a garden party – whether you actually have a garden or not! On today's show, we'll be talking about some fun ways to bring herbs into springtime entertaining,... more

This week, we'll be talking about some of my favorite herbs – the Rose-Scented Geranium and all her many sisters. Native to southern Africa, these lovely plants are related to the ever-popular ?porch geraniums? that so many of... more

What are some of your favorite recipes with fresh herbs? Why do they work so well to make your tastebuds happy? We'll be talking about this and more, when we talk ?Which herb, what food?? on today's show.

So… whatcha gonna grow this year? On today's show, we're discussing ways to plan out an herb garden, large or small: what to plant, where to plant it, and what to do before you put that first baby herb in the ground.