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Fun with herbs! Light, lively discussion of ways to add aroma and flavor to everyday life - cooking, crafting, and homecaring. Your host, Jules, is an escapee from Corporate America who has been teaching about and crafting with herbs since the mid-1990's. In 1997, she traded high heels for workboots and spent the next 11 years working for a retail/wholesale herb nursery. This radio show will discuss the lighter and more fun side of herbs - cooking and crafting, but not medicinal uses.

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(This is a "Best Of" show, that originally aired on April 30th, 2012. There will be no live calls taken during today's show.) Maybe it's herbal today, and maybe it's not, but one thing's for sure - it's Kentucky Derby season in the beautiful... more

What shall we talk about on today's show? I HAVE NO IDEA! But come on along, and we'll see what kind of herbal thoughts pop up between me and this week's delightful chatroom participants. Bring your questions, comments, and herbal... more

Spring has finally broken through, here in the Ohio Valley – time to turn our thoughts to light and warmth and… Salad! On today's show, I'll be talking about salad greens and the herbs that love them, both in the salad bowl and in... more

So, I need a little help! It's April already, and I haven't planned out this year's herb garden. I've got some good "bones" in place, but my garden is sadly neglected and needs some fresh ideas. Come join me, and we'll see what you and I can... more

Easy to grow, fresh and onion-y, chives are (is?) one of the most quietly popular herbs around. Click on in to today's show, and we'll talk about growing and cooking with this lovely little onion!

Herbs for flavor, vegetables for the table... and for color and an extra little "special", how about some edible blooms? Click in to today's show for suggestions on edible flowers to grow, and how to use them in everyday and... more

It's a lovely grey, rainy day today. What shall we talk about? Could be anything... come along and see. ;)

What If... ?

We talk all the time about which herbs go with which meat, what herb complements which veggie, herbs in bread, herbs for tea – but what about fruit? Click on today's show, to hear some ideas about adding a different... more

So, is your pizza lacking zing? Sauces needing a little extra something? Are you ?given to overmuch sighing?? You might just need a little Oregano in your life! But what kind – ah, that's a good question! We'll be considering all... more