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Fun with herbs! Light, lively discussion of ways to add aroma and flavor to everyday life - cooking, crafting, and homecaring. Your host, Jules, is an escapee from Corporate America who has been teaching about and crafting with herbs since the mid-1990's. In 1997, she traded high heels for workboots and spent the next 11 years working for a retail/wholesale herb nursery. This radio show will discuss the lighter and more fun side of herbs - cooking and crafting, but not medicinal uses.

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So... I remarked to some Facebook friends that my head was elsewhere today, and that what I really wanted to do was make apple cake and paint. And that my brain is jell-o. I then asked them what I should talk about today, and they... more

We fuss with it, loosen it up, firm it down, add stuff to it, plant stuff in it, and cross our fingers. But what is "dirt", really? What makes some dirt better for plants than others - and how do we get *that* kind of dirt for our garden? Pull off your... more

It's August, and the English lavender is in its second bloom for the summer. Craft show season is almost here, too, so here are a few ideas about harvesting, processing, and using one of my very favorite herbs!

To Diva, or not to Diva..

It's the middle of August, but for some reason I'm feeling Fall-ish lately. Maybe it's the rainy weather we're having, or the cooler-than-usual temperatures, or the ?back to school? ads popping up everywhere. But whatever the reason for... more

Fresh off a crazy week in Real Life, including a family birthday party with a "BYO Appetizer" theme... Let's talk about Party Food!

It's high summer, tomato season, and the basil is lush and gorgeous. Let's talk a little about what to do with such a bounty – how to grow, maintain, harvest, preserve, and use all this deliciousness!

Summer or winter, sometimes skin can use a little pampering. For centuries, herbs have been used for just that purpose – and today, we'll talk a little about a few useful plants for the skin care tool kit. (Disclaimer: This program is... more

Will we talk herbs today? Maybe. Maybe not. I just might be in a mood to mix things up a little. ;)

Here's a new one on me: Shrub Syrup, or ?Drinking Vinegar?. Why have I never heard of this before? Sounds refreshing, delicious, very intriguing, and just the topic for a sultry summer's day. Come on along to hear a little more – we... more