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Let's have some fun and spin some records and talk about some fantastic travel deals you are going to love! www.TYRRELLTRAVEL.info

Hear from the top people of YTB Travel. Instead of forgetting your dreams seak the means to live your dreams. Our special guests will give use the answer to success.

What have you done today to change your financial future? Are you satisfied being a sheep just following the crowd? Maybe you are looking forward to being a statistic put out by the Social Security Administration stating the fact that 62 out... more

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ASK, SAY, REQUEST OR COMMENT ON? I've got something I need to get off my chest. You will either agree or get mad and never listen to Power Team Radio again. Either way you will hear it today on Power... more

Bonecrusher is known as WBA Heavyweight Champion, claiming his title during a 1986 fight with Tim Witherspoon. Bonecrusher was the first to take renowned boxer Mike Tyson 12 rounds in 1987. He is the first heavyweight champion... more

…why not think about times to come and not about the things that you’ve done, if your life was bad to you, well just think what tomorrow will do...it is you that determines your future not your circumstances or things in the past, look at the... more

You will enjoy listening to the music of Johnny Waters, the next big star in the music business and you get to hear him first right here on Power Team Radio. Then fasten your seat belts! I've got something I need to get off my chest.... more

Brace yourself for straight talk against the status quo and traditional ideas about financial success. DISCRESION IS ADVISED!... Special Guest Johnny Waters ... Johnny Waters is one of the best guitar players and singer song writers you... more

Johnny Waters is one of the best guitar players and singer song writers you have ever heard. When we heard him we just had to have him on Power Team Radio. I would call him a modern day Stevey Ray Vaughn and Johnny Cash! Johnny... more

If you are satisfied with the status quo, this program WILL MAKE YOU MAD! Brace yourself for straight talk against the status quo, traditional ideas about financial success and psychological nudity. DISCRESION IS ADVISED!
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