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*Stimulating political talk* Pre-debate discussion, Honey Boo Boo makes her endorsement, Jay Z in Obama ad, new Pres. Clinton ad for Obama, Tea Party group re-launches Obama phone debunked bullsh*t in an ad, new study shows... more

*Stimulating political talk* Man jumps from the edge of space, Sensata scandal, former McCain advisor bashes Romney's tax plan, Sen. Rob Portman repeats Paul Ryan lies, Chris Wallace destroys Romney senior advisor, Fox... more

*Stimulating poltical talk* Biden Vs. Ryan extenisve debate analysis. Positives, Negatives, right wing response media response and a factcheck :-)

*Stimulating political talk* What should Joe Biden do in the debate? Things you need to know before watching the debate, Google image "completely wrong" and see what happens, Progressive win in SC, Pro life Congressman tells... more

*Stimulating political talk* Update on the crazy people from Arkansas, Sandusky sentenced to minimum 30 yrs in prison, new poll numbers, Romney flip flops on abortion for he 6789387294837893 time, the timeline of Romneys ever evolving... more

*Stimulating political talk* new Obama ad with Big Bird, Mitt debates himself, Romney's private donor gathering 'sign', Paul Ryan gets pissed at interviewer, Jim Lehrer fires back at critics, GOP rep calls for ending big oil subsidies after voting... more

*Stimulating political talk* Romney surging in the polls, Bill O'Reilly & Jon Stewart debate, Repubican consultant calls Paul Krugman a liar to his face, Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga) is nuts, 2 Arkansas politicians defend slavery and another... more

*Stimulating political talk* Republicans think todays job numbers are a conspiracy theory, Canadian owned firm gives $1 mil to a Romney superpac, Romney's IRA in question (again), how much savings would come from cutting PBS from... more

*Stimulating political talk* Extensive debate analysis, Romney wins from a style perspective but provides 0 substance, Obama plays defense all night and misses multiple softballs, Romney tells 28 myths in 38 minutes, does Romneys 'win'... more

*Stimulating political talk* New DVD says Obama's mother was what? Republicans try to fake a controversy about Obama, Mitt considering disgraced ex-CEO welfare queen for treasury secretary, Paul Ryan says 30% of USA... more
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