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This will cover the local politics of the Kentuckiana territory from Louisville KY. It is identified as a grassroots conservative or independent minded perspective. This is truly bluegrass roots. Our show times are Mondays and Thursdays @ 6:30 PM. Our show web address:

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We will discuss the latest freedom works event in louisville as well as issues of human evolution

Tonight, we warmly welcome Judy Lane, of We the Kids. We the Kids is a 21st century organization dedicated to reach ages 9-24 for American founding principles Also, we shall play audio of the Freepac/Freedomworks event in... more

We will discuss clint's experience with freedom works rally and some new evidence regarding human evolution

We will be fiscussing the 2014 KY primaries

This is the latest red hot topics from the Ukraine invasion to 2014 Kentucky and US House/Senate elections

KGR is is hittin the ground Running as Clint hardy covers this local state election. KGR is coming straight at ya! It's time to get our country Back!!!!

That's Right KGR is coming out of the shadows!! Time to hit the primary running!!

What will unify people in our country to become more conservative? I believe that republicans/conservatives/constitutionalist/libertarians have failed to become unified because of the fact that we have used a leftist psychology for unification.... more

The title is a spoof off of "A conneticutt liberal in king Arthurs court. btw ;) Today we will focus on the actions of State Attourney Jack Conway and discuss Barak Obama's role in the ordeal with russia and the Ukraine.
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