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KWOD Radio showcases authors, artists, movie producers, conventions, artists, musicians, and pop culture entertainment. Feature Shows: Sunday night-The Next Space & Pop Culture Show with Al & Jo, where we discuss new space and fan news; ESCAPE THE GRIND with host, PJ Hultstrand are LIVE shows on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 5:30pm featuring authors, artists, con runners, movie makers, creatives of every type; then one night a month on Wednesdays we have The Hay Girls Show on tap LIVE at a local pub and featuring local music talents. Coming soon: A show about the paranormal and the weird once a month on Saturday nights. More details to come.

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The first half of our show we will be interviewing Garage FX. The Second half we will be talking to the crew at Comic & Media Expo 2014. Garage FX Our two related clans, the Caldwells and the Fowers, have been creating costumes for ourselves, our kids, and others for decades. The majority of that art form is inspired by comics and the notion of a Hero or Heroine. Most everyone wants to be a Hero to someone. So, why not get the chance to dress up like one every once in a while? We wanted to make sure anyone could have that chance so we started "Garage FX". The concept is this: Teach others how to simply make great Cosplay (Costume Play) works of art using everyday items you can find in your garage or hardware store. Since we began this effort, we have created projects from Venom to Predator to Spawn (in many forms). Inspired by huge demand at past comic conventions our latest efforts have been making movie-prop worthy Halo Spartan Armor as well as those pizza eating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All pieces are made from the foam floor mats you step on in your garage, old plastic buckets, pool floats, PVC pipe, burlap bags, Elmer's glue, chicken wire, packing Styrofoam and more. For the more intense student we even teach how to make your own patterns, sew elaborate costumes and cast latex and silicon masks and props. We love what we do at Garage FX! Feel free to stop by our web page to learn for free how to make something from nearly nothing or come to one of our weekly ?Make-and-Takes? workshops here in the Phoenix Valley.
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Hailing from the Empire State, Toni Darling busted into the scene at the Zombie Bikini Contest in downtown Mesa, AZ in January of 2012. Without any fear, she dressed up as a cowgirl zombie and with that she paved a path of her own in the... more

Historian Guest of Honor for CopperCon Revolution: Trina Robbins An Award-winning herstorian and writer, Trina Robbins has been writing graphic novels, comics and books for over thirty years, ever since she produced the first... more

This will be the first official coffee shop show series: Escape the Grind. We will be talking to Deena Remiel at the newer Coffee Rush - Located in Gilbert, Arizona on the North-East corner of Val Vista & Elliot - 53 N. Val Vista Dr., Ste 100... more

Synopsis for ICE STATION ZOMBIE by James Gurley In the frozen desolation of the Antarctic, a military experiment to regenerate damaged nerve tissue goes horribly wrong. The result is the Hades Plague that sweeps the earth, creating... more

Arizona cosplayer extraordinaire, Cassandra S. Kyle, talked to us yesterday and here is what she had to say about cosplaying. conventions, and fan boys. She can be found at charity events all over the valley, with the Justice League of... more

ABOUT THE MOVIE: In the midst of the neverending hunt for Dracula, the vengeful Dr. Van Helsing must encounter all of his blood thirsty minions along the way, with only the help of a young admiring priest named Luke. Coming face to... more

We will be talking to author, SHARON HAMILTON. Sharon Hamilton's award-winning spicy Navy SEAL stories in the SEAL Brotherhood series, have consistently made best sellers lists and review sites. Her characters follow a... more

Having a childhood spent traveling; comic books were often the only friends available. Many of the characters in the 4-color worlds served as inspiration since early on. Alfred has worked professionally in the grand industry of comic making... more

Jimmy Thomas - Founder & CEO of RNC, RNConvention Director, Speaker & Mr. Casanova Judge Recognized by thousands in the romance novel industry, not only for being on over 5000 romance novel covers; more covers than anyone in... more

Ethan Scott is a new friend and awesome Arizona artist. He also happens to be the artist behind The Ragged Man game book artwork for our other friend, Todd VanHooser. If you have seen The Ragged Man books you will see that Ethan... more
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