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KWOD Radio showcases authors, artists, movie producers, conventions, artists, musicians, and pop culture entertainment. Feature Shows: Sunday night-The Next Space & Pop Culture Show with Al & Jo, where we discuss new space and fan news; ESCAPE THE GRIND with host, PJ Hultstrand are LIVE shows on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 5:30pm featuring authors, artists, con runners, movie makers, creatives of every type; then one night a month on Wednesdays we have The Hay Girls Show on tap LIVE at a local pub and featuring local music talents. Coming soon: A show about the paranormal and the weird once a month on Saturday nights. More details to come.

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Building a new frontier will be based on product and services created on that frontier, not on industrialization based on science experiments. A frontier society in space will generate survival products first, as a foundation for... more

Mission Zero - why is this important to the success of colonizing space. We will be talking to Donald Jacques about exploring this brave new world and what it will take to get humanity into space. Bring your questions and comments to... more

Anna Questerly lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, and their two Border Collies, Bridget and Bandit. When she's not writing, you can often find her at her favorite bookstore, Dog-Eared Pages, in Phoenix, Arizona. Anna is a minstrel at... more

Time Yarns is a shared world. The Time Yarns imprint publishes transmedia ebooks and other media in the sf Time Yarns universe. Erin Lale is the spinner of this universe and an editor and author of many of this series' tales. Erin is... more

In CEO to the POWER of YOU, Erica A. Murray, a world-renowned business guru shares the extraordinary insight that she has acquired over the last 18 years of her career, as she exposes proven strategies and... more

"I hadn't intended to write about my childhood, or even spend five minutes thinking about it. All I wanted was to see the land of Dracula, to find out what it was really like." With that single purpose in mind, Jane Congdon set out... more

Dating/relationship expert and blogger Lennie Ross will be in Arizona for her book signing, Tuesday night September 27th from 6pm - 8pm at Park Avenue Blow Dry Salon - 4801 E. Indian School Road/Phoenix.. Lennie Ross's... more

Motivated by the words of the late James Brown, J.T. Barber conceived the question: Is it possible to make literature as universal as music? A good song with great lyrics can pierce the hearts of many regardless of race, ethnicity or... more

Mike Lynch published his first (non-fiction) book, Dublin, in 2007. His first novel, When the Sky Fell, co-authored by Brandon Barr, was published two years later, followed by two other books they've written together, American Midnight and... more

Pilgrims, and settlers of the American West did not take the latest and greatest technology with them when they settled their new lands. They actually took only what they could reasonably carry that would contribute to their survival at their... more
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