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KWOD Radio showcases authors, artists, movie producers, conventions, artists, musicians, and pop culture entertainment. Feature Shows: POP FAN, where we discuss fan news from the publishing or movie industry, book marketing, new genres, writing, virtually anything book oriented, interviews, and pop culture entertainment. ESCAPE THE GRIND with host, PJ Hultstrand are LIVE coffee shop shows or shows LIVE out in the community. HOMESTEADING SPACE with host, Donald Jacques and co-host PJ Hultstrand talks about science and the space news that is making headlines.

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News & Commentary on and about the space frontier
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Mike Lynch published his first (non-fiction) book, Dublin, in 2007. His first novel, When the Sky Fell, co-authored by Brandon Barr, was published two years later, followed by two other books they've written together, American Midnight and... more

Pilgrims, and settlers of the American West did not take the latest and greatest technology with them when they settled their new lands. They actually took only what they could reasonably carry that would contribute to their survival at their... more

Author, poet and talk radio host, GD Grace, will be gracing us with his presence for this exclusive interview time with him. His works may be deemed controversial by some of the literary community, but he has followers that have embraced... more

Touched By Two Souls: Sleeveless Emotions is a project Charles Burgess started and pulled in Jerrmond Walker in to be a part of this book because of his admiration of the live performances of this local Milwaukee poet. Jerrmond... more

Just in time for the upcoming television re-invention of a 70's cop show icon, Underground Publications has started its own version in its new line of books, Charlie's Urban Angelz. Their first book is coming out Labor Day and titled,... more

Arizona has some of the humorous writers in the world -- probably because we are all crazy to be living in the middle of the stinking desert and the heat is baking our brains. Or in Oana's case, she may say it could be because we can all... more

What would happen if Barack Obama lost his bid for reelection in 2012? Author's Stephen A. Enna and Dennis J. Wootten explore that possibility in their new novel, Aloha, the first of a three-book trilogy whose plot is a fascinating... more

From Michael D'Ambrosio: My writing career started in 1999 during one of my Middle East tours due to boredom at the time. We were in a spell where there weren't any good sci-fi movies or books coming out to capture my attention. A... more

We will be kicking off this line-up on KWOD's Saturday Matinée Show with the author of the suspense romance, The HandyMan. Donald Jacques will be giving his unique view on handyman tips and tools for around the house and in... more

Gail Martin is the author of many author marketing help books and other self-help books. Gail will be visiting with us this Friday and offering her expertise on: The 30 Day Results Guide to Making the Most of Twitter, Blogging, LindkedIn and... more
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