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Imagine waking up 14 centuries from now, only to discover that everything you know about the universe is wrong and you are nothing but a despised relic from the long-dead past.

Rome's Revolution is an interstellar saga about a man from the 21st century and a woman from the 35th century who fight forces from the incomprehensibly large to the infinitesimally small, all intent on destroying mankind. Cinematic in scope, Rome's Revolution offers romance, comedy, heart-pounding thrills, suspense, "legal" time travel, and meticulously researched hard science. It is a love story and a culture clash that celebrates the triumph of the individual over a mass-mind that thinks it is infallible. Rome's Revolution has it all: robots, aliens, computers, genetic manipulation, spaceships that travel faster than light and some that travel a lot slower.

We will be talking to author, Michael L. Brachman, Ph.D. Brachman’s career as a science fiction writer began with a slight detour into romantic fiction with the novel ''Future Past', currently only available in e-book format. His first science fiction series, 'Rome's Revolution'' was originally written as three separate books under the title VIRUS 5.  In 2011, Brachman combined them into a single 167,000-word omnibus entitled 'Rome's Revolution'' and simultaneously published it in paperback and for all e-book readers.  This was followed by a fast-paced sequel entitled 'The Ark Lords'' which was released in 2012.  A riveting conclusion, entitled 'Rome's Evolution'' was released in the summer of 2013. He is hard at work on a new series with the first book expected early in 2014.

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