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Kundalini Conversations with chrism


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" Open to the love that may be burning you and refining you from the inside out and actively join in the transformation. It is a fire of grace and it has the expressive potential for extreme love upon you "when" your "vessel" becomes... more

" ?Holiness is to be the truth of who you are. No matter the culture or the society or the expectations that collect around you. The truth of your person is behind your eyes and behind your heart. It is seen in the actions you take and the... more

" In order to have love one must be loved. In order to have strength one must know weakness. In order to have great intelligence one must also know ignorance. In order to know courage one must experience fear. We do not gain... more

" The Sacred Male and Sacred Female joined create the Sacred Child. These are the Two that are One and the One that is Two. We are the Sacred Children when the divine circuit is formed and the Kundalini begins its flows in and around the... more

"Evolution can be sudden. I will suggest that Kundalini can speed up the evolutionary process for an individual greatly. I will also suggest that we do not know what the divine blue print has in store for us as we transform due to the... more

" A person inside the experience will not typically control the energy. It will control the person for a time until a point is reached where the infusion has completed its first cycle. After that the blending is much more serene and though the... more

" When developing faith one cannot know the answers " - Chrism

" Experiences on and in the body can be different or unusual without being wrong. Kundalini will give one different and unusual experiences. Nothing is wrong, in fact, things are going quite well if this is the case for you! " - Chrism

" Kundalini has its own consciousness and isn't prone to being hijacked and used by others. Kundalini your inner divine is what controls you and yet you are in a symphony with it. One isn't lost except to accept and recognise the grace as it... more