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I’m an unusual breed of technologist. I know my perspective on things tend to be different and outside of the norm. I'm only here to tell you the truth about technology

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It's amazing how technology changes on a weekly basis. This week brings about changes to where you store and share your files. Listen in to get the details about the new cloud services that will change the way you access your data.... more

I've had some recent discussions with people that listened to my show about video games and other forms of electronic entertainment. I need to speak about the truth about what's really going on in the video game world. Are you a real... more

Technology isn't always about electronic devices. It's used in muiltiple ways. Today, I'll talk about how techology is used in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. I'll have Fay Gibson as a guest to discuss how we can educate more people... more

This episode includes topics that's important to Technologist KS3. Just listen and you mught be suprised on what he'll say.

Today's topics include: - Are you bored with the basics? - How to stay ahead of the curve - Tech News - Your questions

iPad. You would think that's all there's to talk about. It's not because Technologist KS3 went to the auto show and discovered many things that you should demand in your next car. Call in to the show for your technology questions. Support... more

Technologist KS3 will talk about life after Apple's announcement from 3/7/12 and what impact will it have on the rest of society.

Technologist KS3 is covering Apple's announcement today. Listen to the show to find out the details of what's going to be a huge day in technology.

This is an epic episode. I will specifically discuss the difference between Android and iOS. Other topics include: Windows 8, the next iPad and other tech news.

Last week I talked about iOS and the devices that run it. Today's show is all about Android. In fact, I'm going to talk about the device that's made me consider switching to Android. Other topics include: - This week top tech news - Your... more