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Kristina von R

Kristina von Rosenvinge


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Relationship and communication expert. I teach people self growth and relationship skills for business and personal success. Special focus on Second Act Success for Baby Boomers and Beyond.

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We can upgrade our life at any time. All it takes is a willingness to make changes and developing a a growth mindset. The recently published results of a50 year longevity study show that there are six essential ingredients for aging well. This... more
Kristina von R

Vibrant After Fifty - Having the Right Mindset

  • by Kristina von R
Having the right mindset is what makes it possible to live vibrantly after fifty. With a growth mindset there is a belief that one can keep growing through out life. It is a belief that physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we are... more

Your mindset makes the difference as to how vibrant your life will be. The right mindset opens you up to new possibilities and joys in life.
Kristina von R

Build on What is Fueling You

  • by Kristina von R
In this show I talk about three building block that are the foundation for creating a vibrant life. They are: 1. Live in the present, 2. Love who you are, stop trying to be someone else, and 3. Build on what fuels you. When you accept yourself in the... more

In order to be vibrant we need to expand what fuels our energy. That also means we need to get rid of our energy drainers. This show will be a lively discussion of how to expand that which fuels us.
Kristina von R

Vibrant After Fifty - A Healthy Body and Mind Create Vibrancy

  • by Kristina von R
To feel vibrant in body and mind requires taking good care of self. In this segment I talked about the two steps that are necessary to create vibrancy. Step 1: If you really want to do what you say you want to do you will find the... more

How do we create vibrancy? It is something that every one yearns for. Yet all of us can create vibrancy in our lives by having enough energy and a positive growth mindset. In this episode we will focus on steps to take in order to have a healthy... more
Kristina von R

Vibrant After Fifty- Menopause and Relationships

  • by Kristina von R
Menopause has a profound effect on relationships. Not only is this a time of hormonal fluctuations for the woman at the same time she is keenly aware that she is now in the second half of life and trying to figure out how she wants to... more

The emotional symptoms of menopause are not only hard on the woman who is experiencing them but they also affect her relationships. This show will focus on how to get through this time with vibrancy.