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Kreeptown 126

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The rundown-- ** Ted Bundy is the Ron Burgundy of serial killers. He's like the "After-You-Kill-Her-And-Dump-The-Body-In-The-Lake-Don't-Forget-To-Chain-Her-To-The Anchor Man." ** Lava Lamps shouldn't look like rocket ships or evil clowns. They should be shaped like scorching hot butt plugs like God intended. On a side note: Come on down to Scorching Hot Butt Plug's for Dollar Bill's $2 beer Happy Hour and mention the promo code: "Parental Shame" for half off your first pitcher. ** Matthew McConaughey's character in "Reign of Fire" is like the proto tribal tat, Monster Energy Drink, nu metal, MMA guy. All he does in that movie is get Bro Pissed at Christian Bale and make dragon's Tap. I don't really know where I'm going with this. Um, Axe Body Spray. Tito Ortiz. Knee to the face. Shaved balls(cuz you just know those guys shave their balls). ** Lady Gaga wants to marry her long time boyfriend with a lavish wedding that will be the most opulent ever seen. Her plans include a 7 foot cake and a dress covered in diamonds with a headdress that would rival most Vegas showgirls. Now I'm not saying the terrorists were right but... ** EdTV was like a prophecy of things to come. Know another movie from 1999 that's like real life? 8mm. Cuz sometimes when you have sex with runaways, they die. Hey, I don't make the rules.
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