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Watch... TV. Read... Comic Books. Yell... at Movies. Mock... the Famous. Rant.. about Broads. Join Spider Von Kreep and his partner in crime The Brad as they fist the bowels of Trash Culture and crack wise with the best of them. Give it a listen. At the very least you'll crib a line you can drop on the people at work. Kreeptown-- the show that makes you seem hysterical to your friends.

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I don't know. Superheroes, women, and racism would be my guess. Kreeptown!!

The Amazing Spider-Man. The Dark Knight Rises. The Avengers. Plenty of teasing this week, we'll see which leave us with happy endings and which just serve up the blue balls.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: if Batman-- instead of turning criminals into the law-- just gave the lawless a strong and dry anal raping, Gotham City would be crime free within a month.

The rundown-- **The sound of Danzig being slapped to the floor by that fat security guard on Youtube is the sound your childhood dying. I know it's old news but goddamnit, was Danzig sitting on a unicycle or something? He's 5'3 and a... more

The rundown-- **It seems the Green Lantern's greatest power is raping your dreams and jizzing all over your joy. **Scott Cahn has spent his entire life riding the coat tails of others and has had everything handed to him. He's a... more

A weekly recap of all things going on in the world of geeky cultural interest and more than likely a few racial slurs. Kreeptown!

DC comics gives their heroes the boot-- the reboot that is! The company wide shaking of the DC Comics Etchasketch is the focus of this all new thrilling installment of the sickest geek show on the net!!!

The rundown-- **Freakazoid, Tom Hardy as Bane, Blind Date, Frank Frazetta, DJ's, Fast Five, The Rock, Celebrity Road Trip-- Sheen/Gibson edtion, and much much more!

......And we're back!!!!!