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Broadcasting from Eugene Oregon since 2009 with over 266 shows and 107,000 listeners and growing have tuned in to join Clif and Robin discussing what's news today, plus, we have a little fun too, and find out who will be the recipient of Robin's what the hack are the thinking award. Join us Saturdays 4pm PT 646-721-9887 emails and show ideas are welcome at on your smart phone at search KRBN

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Oregon Update-- it is the battle royale between Democratic senators, the governor and the union in Wisconsin's $3 billion deficit. what's going on in Wisconsin is starting to look like one of the old soap operas where Democrats... more

Oregon Update -- Oregon State lawmakers are considering the option of amending the Constitution [House bill 3133] in order to allow the reinstatement of police Sobriety checkpoints in 1987, the Oregon Supreme Court barred police... more

Oregon Update-- we'll talk about Obama's budget plans [budget = more spending] and the proposed $293 billion in new spending and what it means to you. New York times Obama Heat map Join Clif and Robin every Wednesday 10am... more

Oregon Update -- this week our guests will be former Lane County Commissioner Cindy Weeldreyer whose accomplishments range from being on the Lane community college board to Lane County Commissioner. Now she hosts a... more

Oregon Update -- January 31, 2011, a Florida judge ruled today that Congress exceeded its authority in approving a mandate requiring all US citizens to have or purchase health insurance or face a fine. This ruling basically overturns the... more

Oregon Update -- Jo Deibel of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc, an organization dedicated to saving horses bound for slaughter for human consumption will be our guest on our show today. from her website..."Contrary... more
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Jo Deibel of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc,

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if you have questions or comments for Jo Deibel that you would like read on the show today, please feel free to do so here. during the show, we will have the chat room open and will also be reading e-mails that listeners have sent us. and don't... more

Oregon Update -- Oregon's new legislators have taken office not that you could really tell by what's already been proposed, for example... 1 Oregon bicycle enthusiasts in uproar over proposed ban on young children on bikes House Bill... more

On today's show, veteran trucker "Crazy Man" and Robin we will be talking about the FMCSA's proposed new hours of service regulations. out of the millions of drivers on the road today, sadly only less then 5000 comments have been... more
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