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Broadcasting from Eugene Oregon since 2009 with over 266 shows and 107,000 listeners and growing have tuned in to join Clif and Robin discussing what's news today, plus, we have a little fun too, and find out who will be the recipient of Robin's what the hack are the thinking award. Join us Saturdays 4pm PT 646-721-9887 emails and show ideas are welcome at on your smart phone at search KRBN

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it looks like Obama's popularity is starting to fade as people's eyes are starting to open seeing how he's handling the Ebola situation. There is a threat to national security… What should I do? Play golf or go do a fundraiser? Obama... more

there is a ton of stuff happening now in the United States ranging from illegal immigration to Ebola, and everything in between and you can bet that Clif and Robin has an opinion on it we invite you to come and share your opinion... more

Did anybody notice? As of last Saturday, Saturday morning cartoons on major networks have become a thing of the past. New rules under the affordable care act as of January 2015 as Obama care otherwise known as the job killer... more

The president and the CDC tell us not to worry about the eboli outbreak that could infect up over 1 million by January yet we hear about a recent case in Texas. Clif and Robin discuss some of the stories regarding the outbreak and our... more

two people were arrested recently for unlawful entry into the White House. I'm sure that they only did it for love. credit cards and online security want to touch on a phone call that I received recently from 762-707-8765 and how if you're... more

A couple of issues on our docket for today's program including the Democrats start to re-examine their view on illegal immigration and the open borders thanks to ISIS. Plus, federal authorities have threatened Yahoo with fines... more

Please join Clif and Robin for their views, point counterpoint and at times a shouting match as we discuss [argue] some of the top topics in the news both locally and in the nation. Occasionally, we have the "What the Heck Are They... more

A US citizen in a foreign country is killed, not only killed but beheaded by terrorists. There was a time in this country that when something like this happened to a US citizen that the country would be outraged and we would let... more

you won't believe some of the craziness that is going on in the name of "Obama" by people who are just totally blind to what's going on in America. to learn more what were talking about, your discount have to tune in this Saturday 4... more

frustrated about what's happening in the news, well so are we, which is one of the reasons why we do these programs. There is always something to talk about and we hope that you'll give us a call with what's on your mind at 646-721-9887... more
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