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Broadcasting from Eugene Oregon since 2009 with over 266 shows and 107,000 listeners and growing have tuned in to join Clif and Robin discussing what's news today, plus, we have a little fun too, and find out who will be the recipient of Robin's what the hack are the thinking award. Join us Saturdays 4pm PT 646-721-9887 emails and show ideas are welcome at on your smart phone at search KRBN

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Recently President Obama opened the doors for refugee children to enter the country stating that we must show compassion… NOW, Obama, Biden, and even former secretary Clinton in response to the recent surge [invasion] of... more

David [pun intended] versus Goliath or are people just so fed up that the incumbents are put on notice? They're still wondering why Eric Cantor, a seven term incumbent lost to David Brat, a professor at Randolph-Macon College in... more

The crown prince of the United States Barack Obama without the approval of the Royal courts [Congress] negotiated and traded US Army Sergeant Bergdahl in exchange for five high-ranking Taliban terrorists from the Guantanamo bay.... more

Open Line Saturday with Clif and Robin We talk about interesting items that are in the news and have a little fun while we're at it. Hope you will join us every Saturday 4PM PT Call us at 646-721-9887 E-mail

The primary elections have come and gone and the voters have said a lot without saying a lot and if you want to find out what I mean, you're just going to have to tune in to find out. Join Cliff and Robin at 4 PM Pacific time every Saturday... more

May 20 is election time in many states as it is in Oregon so will be talking a little bit about that plus other fun stuff in the news. Join Cliff and Robin at 4 PM Pacific time every Saturday as we express our opinion on what's happening in... more

this is a special presentation from KRBN Internet News Talk Radio as we are approaching the May 20 elections in the race for U.S. Senate in Oregon. We have with us on the program today Jo Rae Perkins running for U.S. Senate on the... more

should Obama use the power of the executive orders to bypass Congress and allow amnesty? Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) invited people who are in the country illegally to Capitol Hill with the list of 14 things that Obama could do right now... more

UPDATE-- it's made national news regarding Willamette Week's [] interview with four Republican candidates, gets one candidate Mark Callahan kicked out of the interview for challenging a reporter's notes and... more

frustrated and you have an opinion about what's going on in the news? You're not alone! Join Cliff and Robin at 4 PM Pacific time every Saturday as we express our opinion on what's happening in the news and your phone calls as well. Call us... more
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