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Join our protest against the press. We are KRAM 6-4 Advocacy Media. The name KRAM is Mark spelled backwards. Our mission comes from the book of Mark, 6th Chapter 4th Verse. KRAM exposes the people Jesus was referring to in the scripture. A deluge of news to read, watch and listen to follows when celebrates like Hulk Hogan, Michael Richards, Giuliana Rancic Donald Sterling, Paula Deen and others used racial slurs. On the other hand, there is a total news blackout when African Americans cover up or participate in acts of racism against other Blacks. This broadcast was created to protest this policy and demand a voice on issues within the Black community For more than a generation the press has only recognized one political party and one ideology to have a voice in the Black community. With no opposition, they have made life in Black America like living under the Taliban. Our mission is to address that issue.

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From Sanford to Ferguson to New York City, when Al Sharpton shows up, its not about justice. This program shows the complicity that exist between Al Sharpton and the civil rights community. In every extended televise news report of racial... more

This week continues with MS. Shirley Stewart. On October 8, 2013 approximately 20 to 30 Armed agents from Homeland Security and Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) blew down her door, sized her property and jailed her.All of... more

Rep. Chris Stewart introduces bill to curb growing armed police force of federal agencies. This week we interview an American woman and business owner whose home was invaded and property sized by agents of Homeland... more

When Whites kill several people its mass murder. When Blacks kill all day long, it's barely news. The media has the answers because they often create the problems.. Plus it must be nice to be a corrupt civil rights organization protected... more

This is the bait and switch show. I talk about how the press love affair with hate and bigotry is designed to hide America's brutal caste system. Donald Sterling First Amendment Rights is evidently more dangerous than avowed racist... more

This week's commentary describes how African American church leaders and quasi churches run by preachers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson delivered African Americans Christians, not to God but to White Liberals. Now 73% of... more

Proverbs 18:17 The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. We teach our kids to stay away from bad crowds. But when it comes to people that will kill you, we teach them that they have rights.... more

America's biggest secrets are not stored in Edward Snowden laptop but kept by the press. Clips from Bill O'rielly introduces this program topic.This show discusses the role of the media as the protector of the ruling class and the civil... more

This week show are commentaries on questions the media never ask their protected groups. For instance, what are the bisexuals suppose too do about marriage? Why are Sexual assaults in the military restricted to female victims... more

this week is the National Association for the Advancement of CERTAIN People. Commentary on the Moral Monday Protest in Southern Pines, NC. Also opinions on the Rev. Al Sharpton. As a civil rights activist, he seems to be more of a... more
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