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This program gets real about Life, Love, and Freedom by examining the real life challenges that we all face—death, loss, pain, depression, fear, addiction, suicide, and the many forms of suffering that can keep us from directly discovering the freedom that is alive the midst of any life challenge. Please join Kosi, an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, co-host Francine de las Alas of Manilla Philippines, for this in depth, deadly serious, and hilariously funny conversation.

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Facing everything is simply the willingness to surrender of the mind to the infinite realm of the heart. It is the willingness to welcome whatever is happening in your life without following the movement of mind to resist, fix or change.

The courage to love is the sweetest surrender of the three primary powers of mind—memory, projection, and imagination. These powers of mind are the reflective consciousness that create a very powerful illusion that betrays or hides... more

Spiritual gossip feeds the ego, fuels the search for the miraculous, and keeps your spiritual evolution superficial. The moment you call of the search for freedom—a natural spiritual maturation begins to unfold.

The Super Ego is the invisible whip that you use to torture yourself with negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself, other people and your circumstances. Seeing through this whip lives in discovering the source of the Super Ego.

This is not a political or theological or even a national discussion—it is much closer to the bone? What happens when you are willing to deeply examine the terrorist inside of yourself? Who is the terrorist really? This conversation is intimate,... more

Logos is an ancient word that means ground or reason or simply word. It goes all the way back to Aristotle who realized that logos is what differentiates a human being from animals or the natural ability to perceive, understand and discern, but... more

The life of the buddha reveals three secret keys that are essential for self-realization or the direct experience of lasting happiness. This discussion takes a deep look at the buddha's life to reveal how these ancient secrets can... more

What is bliss and does it really lead to freedom? Or does the pursuit of states of consciousness transform freedom into bondage? This podcast explores the great trap of the mind that keeps you in a state of perpetually looking for freedom... more

What actually happens inside of you to create a negative emotion? Can a negative emotion even exist without your ability to imagine what something someone said or did means about you or someone else? In the willingness to... more
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