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This program gets real about Life, Love, and Freedom by examining the real life challenges that we all face—death, loss, pain, depression, fear, addiction, suicide, and the many forms of suffering that can keep us from directly discovering the freedom that is alive the midst of any life challenge. Please join Kosi, an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, co-host Francine de las Alas of Manilla Philippines, for this in depth, deadly serious, and hilariously funny conversation.

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This is the second part of a two part discussion to examine the nature of depression. Is depression something that is under or control or is simply due to our genetics? Kosi and Pearl Geneste will continue this indepth... more

Global statistics indicate that depression is on the rise, but is medication the only solution for overcoming it? This is the first in a two part series to deeply examine the nature of depression. Kosi will be joined by Pearl Geneste of Lausanne... more

The heartbreaking reality of living is the heart break of loss. How can we meet the heartbreak of losing someone we love or the sudden unexpected end of a relationship? Does this heartbreak have a hidden gift that can end our... more

Money is often considered the root of all evil. Certaintly there is a lot of truth to this old adage, you can look around the world and see that money leads to corruption. Even the most sublime spiritual teaching can become corrupted by... more

We all have moments of laughter and moments that we have laughed so hard our stomachs have hurt. Have you ever wondered about laughter? What is laughter and what does it reveal about our true nature? Is it the great sign of... more

Breaking up with self-hatred begins by noticing this negative relationship with ourself. Deep down it is common to feel a sense of worthlessness or self- hatred. It is a negative relationship with ourself that forms unconsciously from... more

Suicide is on the rise in the United States and arround the world in the thirty-five to sixty-five age group. Suicide prevention experts attribute this increase to financial stress related to the global economic down turn. But witht the suicide of... more

We experience all kinds of fears as we move through life. Fear is an emotion we often try to avoid, but in the willingness to turn andface our fears we can discover what is free even in the midst of fear. What is the nature of fear and... more

Forgiveness can seem impossible when someone has hurt you or someone you love. Most people view forgiveness as condoning the actions of others, but is this what it means to foregive? What is the nature of foregiveness and what makes... more
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