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A podcast on koi ponds, water gardens, water features, and all things aquatic. Hosted by Mike Gannon, The Pond Hunter. A look at the lifestyles of the "Aquatically Obsessed". In The Pursuit Of All Things Aquatic!

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Grass carp are natures own algae and aquatic weed control for large scale ponds. Forget using toxic chemicals, these amazing fish offer extremely effective control of undesirable aquatic weeds and algae growth. Find out more about these... more

Everybody loves bright colorful koi, but black koi matter too. Join your host, Mike Gannon, for an episode dedicated to the sometimes overlooked black koi fish. It's true, black koi matter, and this episode explores some of the many reasons that... more

How to winterize aquatic pond plants is a common issue that many pond keepers and water gardeners deal with on an annual basis. The process can be alot easier than what pond keepers may be being told, and will not require getting into your... more

Koi fish and goldfish are known to be prolific spawners. But how do we protect the eggs and baby fish? Join your host Mike Gannon and his guest Karen Kelley from the Nashville Pond Society to learn about some awesome tips on rearing... more

Join your host Mike Gannon when he is joined by Dr. Ted Coletti. The topic is container water gardens and fish ponds. Small ponds are a great way to enjoy the pond keeping lifestyle for those who are just getting into pond keeping or... more

In the hobby and lifestyle of koi keeping and pond keeping, manyof us share similar stories. Here is a "Koy Story" for you. It is a story you may relate to! Many of us have fish stories to share. Here is one for all of us Narrated by... more

Join Mike Gannon and his guest Matt Boring, owner of Texas Ponds, as they discuss some of the challenges of dealing with ponds during periods of high temperatures. Pond management changes based on local temperatures and... more

Join your host Mike Gannon, and his guest Tim Wood from Aquatic Edge Consulting, as they discuss the American Mink. Mink are attracted to aquatic environments like our backyard ponds. Koi and goldfish can be a quick easy... more

Join your host Mike Gannon for episode 48 of The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast, "Autism and Koi Pond Therapy". Autism is being described as an epidemic in the USA. American families are struggling to cope with the challenges that... more

Join your host Mike Gannon and his guest, pond expert, James Allison. James is the author of "Water In The Garden" and owner of Water Garden Solutions based out of the UK. Get some great insight, from one of the pond world's... more