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Using the information and principles provided by the Bible to assist individuals to live an overcoming Christian lifestyle. For online donations and additional product information go to

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We all know what the season of Christmas means to us personally, but what did the birth of Christ mean to his mother Mary and was there any spiritual significance that can be gained by us from her experience? Join us as we... more

We all know that the birth of Jesus was originally prophesied by the prophets before the event took place. But what was the prophetic significance surrounding the birth of Jesus and what affect does this event play prophetically in the life... more

The holiday that we associate with the birth of our savior no longer exists. Many factors have contributed to the demise of what was once called Christmas. Join us in our discussion as we examine the root causes of the death of what was... more

How do controlling spirits affect those of us who are apart of the Kingdom of God? Why is there a need for believers to be controlled? Join us as we search for the answers to these questions and gain the understanding needed to get free from... more

What the Lord expects from all of our lives and producing his desires is a result of hearing his voice. Learning to hear his voice is paramount when trying to fulfill his purpose for our lives. So what happens when we choose to hear and respond to... more

Knowing how to defeat satanic enemies opposing the will of God for our lives is and will always remain to be the primary reason behind our creation. Making a show of the devil openly is our number one priority as a christian believer. With... more

What is a prophetic word from the Lord? Is it possible for New Testament believers to receive a prophetic word? Are there prophets in the New Testament? What constitutes a prophetic word? These are all valid questions, so join us... more

Every individual living on this planet at one time or another finds themselves facing impossible situations. What should we do when faced with something where the odds are not good that we will survive or be victorious? Join us as we... more

This is a continuation of our last discussion on how to be delivered from being trapped between faith and failure. For more information about this ministry or to sow a financial seed of support visit our website at

As a believer what do you do when you start to lose faith in God and his Word? Many in today's society are finding themselves questioning their belief in God and his Word as they find their lives positioned between failure and faith. There is... more