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Using the information and principles provided by the Bible to assist individuals to live an overcoming Christian lifestyle. For online donations and additional product information go to

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How to Get God's Glory in Your House

Bringing God's Glory to Your House

The Lord often times will reveal things of importance to his people by way of prophetic times and seasons. What is a prophetic time and how does it differ from a prophetic season? how does it affect our personal lives? Join us as we... more

Join us as we commemorate Resurrection Day by worshipping and taking communion.

Most Christians have come to know the history surrounding the death, burial and ressurrection of Jesus Christ but how familiar are we with the events leading up to one of history's greatest events? Join us as we discuss and uncover the facts... more

There are some figures that suggest that possibly up to 90% of christian believers are unaware of their spiritual purpose and how to obtain it. Join us as we uncover what is needed in order to connect us to the original intent for why we were... more

Join as as we discuss what it means to have true riches. For more information pertaining to this ministry, to submit a prayer request or to sow a seed of financial support visit our website at:

Every christian must find a way to free themselves from the affect of carnal thinking if they are going to fulfill their Godly purpose. Overcoming carnal thinking is the key to spiritual ascention and coming in tune with the thought process... more

The Bible talks about christians receiving power. What is the power that we as believers are suppose to possess? How do we get that power? what are we suppose to do with the Power we possess? Join us as we examine the truth... more

With the rise in the amount of people who are embracing the teaching of Islam we have to ask ourselves the question as to why Christianity is losing its appeal globally. What makes other religions and its practices more appealling to... more