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The Serious Bible Study

The Serious Bible Study


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Using the information and principles provided by the Bible to assist individuals to live an overcoming Christian lifestyle. For online donations and additional product information go to kogwoc.org

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Flattery has often times been seen to be connected to that which is positive in nature. But Flattery from a biblical sense has a much more far reaching meaning than we are aware of. Join us as we uncover the spiritual truth associated with... more

When Christians are discussing the Resurrection we fail to make mention of the sigfnificance associated with Christ getting up from the grave and how important it is to our Christian faith. Join us as we unveil the truth about the... more

After receiving salvation the test for every believer is shedding the image of the old you and taking on the image of the new creation which the Bible talks about. How do we get rid of the old person we used to be and take on the new... more

Many people talk about the power of the Word of God but few have experienced the power of the Word and its ability to open the door to realms or demensions that are truly unaccessible. Join us as we gain insight into techniques and... more

Many people have said in past conversations that the Word of God has power, but what causes it to have this power? Join us as we examine the source that causes the Word of God to have the power that the bible speaks about

Many people have received a prophetic word from the Lord, but what really happens once it has been delivered? Join us as we search for the understanding that tells us what really happens after the release of a prophetic word.

As a Christian believer we are finding out that just having faith is not enough to bring change into our daily lives. Faith must be effective in order for our desires to come into existence. Join us as we learn the keys needed to develop the kind of... more

When the Bible speaks of a deaf and dumb spirit it is referring to a condition that keeps us from fully functioning in the Christian behavior God intended for us as believers. Join us as we find out what causes us to take on this demonic entity... more

There is a place in the spirit where the miraculous is common place. Join us as we uncover the hidden places where miracles are common place.

Many people are afraid of the dark, but why does it seem exceedingly problematic to those who are believers? The key lies in what the darkness represents and why many people fear or avoid what is hidden in there. Join us as we uncover... more