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Using the information and principles provided by the Bible to assist individuals to live an overcoming Christian lifestyle. For online donations and additional product information go to

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This is a continuation of our last discussion on how to be delivered from being trapped between faith and failure. For more information about this ministry or to sow a financial seed of support visit our website at

As a believer what do you do when you start to lose faith in God and his Word? Many in today's society are finding themselves questioning their belief in God and his Word as they find their lives positioned between failure and faith. There is... more

Every Kingdom or organization has a culture attached to it. What are the true beliefs and practices that are associated with the Kingdom of God? Join us as we unveil what are the true beliefs and practices associated with the Kingdom... more

Deception has been used as a negative tool of the devil to trick the people of God into believing something that is not true. By covering the truth, the enemy is attempting to deny us access to what the Lord really desires for us to know that... more

What is Prophetic Ministry? How does it affect me as a believer? Are there any true prophets functioning in the body of Christ now? These and other questions concerning prophetic ministry will be addressed in this episode of the Serious... more

Being frustrated is just a fact of life, but for the Christian believer frustration can be a faith deterent. What is frustration and how do we deal with it? What causes us to become frustrated? Join us as we examine these and other questions... more

Once we receive the Message of the Kingdom we as believers have a responsibilty to develop a lifestyle that goes along with what we believe. What are the different components associated with living the kingdom way? Join us as... more

Every kingdom has its own language and so does the Kingdom of God. What is the Language used in God's Kingdom? Join us as we find the answer to this and other questions as we discover the Language of the Kingdom. To find out more... more

Living in this life will always cause you to encounter difficult situations, but what you do during these hard times will determine whether you survive them or not. Having to survive these times is not new but they are here for a reason. What is... more

The Kingdom of God is God's way of doing things, and in the Kingdom of God there is and acceptable way of thinking that is required. Developing a Kingdom mindset is the key to being able to recieve the benefits associated with living a... more