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The reason why I picked know ur enemy as my screen name is due to a person that inspired me through their evil ways to never take anyone you meet for what you first see. You must always look at the inner and outer traits of a person before assuming whether they are a friend,associate, or foe. I thank her for showing me that people may say one thing, but that doesn't mean they live by what they preach. I plan to enlighten people through my poetry, play ideas, and movie themes how to determine what is real or fake, love or deception, and good entertainment vs. slandering. Buckle up and listen closely. You are in for a special and exciting treat. :0)

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She has written and recorded so far "Missing an Angel" is a wedding song it is going to be one of the song futured in a play that i'm working on. the other to are Gospel songs. Pernella Brandon is a Song Writer/Poet, and has been an... more

Alot of times we can't reveal who we truly are because people may not understand us, judge us on the things that we do, or maybe they would think we were sadistic or delusional for our line of thinking. Do you have any dark... more

Good afternoon, everyone. I like to present a lovely young poetess to y'all. She's here to present her NEWEST RELEASE "Cell of the Mind." Cell of the Mind is comprised of poetry dealing with self-reflection views we encounter in a... more

Have you ever yearn for something or someone and you knew you really didn't need them? You tried to get them off your mind but SOMETHING INSIDE you just kept saying "I have to see what is about you that I want so BAD!" You try to do... more

Have you ever heard anyone talked out the side of their neck and you wanted to say "WTF?!" You ever said to yourself "If you weren't a benefit in any way I would have gotten rid of them a LONGGGGGG time ago?" If so, call in and let us know.

Alot of times in life we have regrets or things we wished we could have avoided for we figure our life might be different now. You might have wished to have waited to have sex because the person/people you gave yourself to made you... more

If this was your last day on Earth, what would u want to do?

  • by knowurenemy
So many people treat their last day on earth as a "pity party." If u knew you only had 24 hours to live, what would u do to go out with a bang or fulfill your last will and testament?

Hello everyone! Welcome to Deep, Dark, n Dirty. In tonight's segment, I will be interviewing Ms. Charmin (aka Mistress/Sadist). She welcomes money pigs, slaves, subs, and partners into her lair. She enjoys having her boots licked,... more

Good evening all. I am Going really get down and dirty tonight with AN EXCLUSIVE interview with the sexiest SSbbw in the Industry "Ms. Supreme Diva." She is an alluing Plus size model, can leave you BREATHLESS with how her... more

Have you ever heard poetry used with music? You may have heard famous singers or actors that demonstrated this technique such as Floetry, Jill Scott, and Most Def. If you have any experience in this field or would like to try your hand,... more
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