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Know Thyself Understand I AM

Know Thyself, Understand I AM


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"Sapere aude"

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What is faith? According to the Greek of the New Testament book of Hebrews, faith is rendered as: "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not being seen." How does the individual seeking to know more about their Creator... more

What is Truth? The million dollar question. Everyone who is also from the human species has always sought to know "What is Truth?" How do we know. Better yet, how do we understand what truth is. I can tell you what truth is not, and I... more

Why is believing in a Creator so close in word but so far in spirit? Today there are so many differing aspects of how to believe in the Grand Architect of our universe. This religion says this and that belief system says that. And unless you strip... more

So who is this Jesus Christ? Religious Conservatives say He is the Son of God who died for our sins and demands our obedience in order for us to receive salvation. Religious Liberals say He is the man who is also God and who came... more

So is Christmas the date of the incarnation of the Word of the Creator or is it Pagan? This puzzling and growing center point of contention all throughout the world today has led to more debates and needless arguments than any other... more

Who exactly is Lucifer? Understanding this cannot happen unless you first understand where the term "Lucifer" originated from. Many within Christianity today are convinced through the double-bind [Hebrew definition of Egypt or... more

There is a fire coming upon America, and what if it is already here! This is the fire of condemnation which will burn up everyone practicing and living in open rebellion against the Word of I AM! Religion, rituals, pagan holidays... more

Why is the record of child abuse on the rise in our world today than ever before? The Word of I AM says "My people are cut off for lack of knowledge. Because you rejected the knowledge, I also rejected you from being priest to Me. Since you... more

What is the meaning of fire in the Word of the Living God? Throughout the Word of Truth, fire has always representing a burning, whether physical or spiritual. But what is the intended purpose of the meanings contained within the Word... more
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