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Every Tues & Fri 9-12AM EDT Join the Twin Pillars as they present to you KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO, taking the airwaves by storm with the same intensity that KNOW THE LEDGE TV has taken CyberSpace by storm. Tune in and raise your consciousness. Things will never be the same.

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Join Know The Ledge Radio as we welcome the Mighty Matriarch for the first time, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing! As a renowned psychiatrist specializing in the root cause of extreme racism against the Afrikan people of the world, Cress postulates in the "Cress Theory of Color Confrontation" that white supremacy is due in fact to the numerical inadequacy and genetic deficiency of the caucasian race. For over 50 years Dr. Welsing has contributed to the justice of melanated individuals authoring The Isis Papers; The Keys To The Colors. In her initial appearance with us she will prepare us for her powerful lecture for the Sunposium series at Ta-Merry Temple with a presentation entitled The System of Racism (White Supremacy) And A Scientific Black Agenda. In this groundbreaking discussion she will explore the movements necessary for Afrikans to embrace the innate genetic superiority we possess thus removing the restraints and dependence of the current structure. The age old tradition continues, as the elder brings forth the word. May you see the value in this divine opportunity and be ready to receive. CLASS IS IN SESSION *flyer design & words provided by KT the Arch Degree
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Join us tonight on KTL Radio for the year end FINALE. We will be concluding the 2011 calendar year in spectacular stellar fashion. Tonight's episode will feature an ALL -STAR cast of our past guests, and esteemed teacher/scholars... more

Join us tonight on KTL Radio as we embark upon 2012 in stellar fashion. We will close out the Pillar Years in Triumph! Tonight's show will be Part 1 of a 2 Part series Honoring our Archived Classic shows and the Remarkable, Honorable... more

Join Know The Ledge Radio as we take the airwaves by storm with the Triple Triangle Offense of The Black Dot, Dr Umar Adbullah Johnson and Professor Griff. In preparation of their EPIC upcoming lecture in Atlanta, GA this January... more

Join Know The Ledge Radio as we cordially invite you to a Celebration of the Solstice featuring world renowned Healer Maa. As the planet prepares itself for a seasonal transition our bodies will also be going through some much needed... more

Know The Ledge Radio is proud to announce the return to Palo practitioner and "Master Student" Brotha Oba back to the program. Fresh off his phenomenal presentation @ LIU last weekend, in honor of Trans Atlantic Productions... more

Join Know The Ledge Radio for a special presentation featuring The "Oracle Readers" from Destiny Grind. In the world today, out of the 7 billion people on the planet the majority live in poverty. Most people all over the world are in constant... more

Know The Ledge Radio presents the "The Gathering of the Young Masters" feat Bro Polight, Dr Umar Johnson & "The General" Sara Suten Seti. In the spirit of UNITY, this episode is in preparation for the highly antcipated lecture of the... more

Join Know The Ledge Radio tonight as we are joined by Palo Practitioner, the esteemed Brotha Oba. In anticipation for his upcoming lecture in Brooklyn this weekend, Brotha Oba will be laying out the foundation for African spirituality as... more

Know The Ledge Radio proudly presents an EPIC evening with Taj Tarik Bey & Ras Mariah Bey. The Dynamic Duo will be coming forth to bring clarity to a host of topics, inclusive but not limited to the confusion, misinformation &... more

Tonight on Know The Ledge Radio, we welcome back to the program Dr. Wesley Muhammad, Ph D. The scholar and author of Black Arabia & African Origins of Islam begins a scholarly discourse on evidence that speaks to the distinct... more
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