The President's Call for Technology in Education

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Know It All ABCs of Education

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President Obama visited Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) last week to discuss his administration's education agenda. He called for high-quality pre-school for every 4-year-old in the country, access to high-speed Internet for all students, lower college costs, and schools that are redesigned to teach high-tech skills.

My guests, Heather Hiles, Founder and CEO of PathBrite, and Dr. Debra Mahone, Director of State and Federal Programs for the Prince George's County Public School District, will talk to us about what technology in education really looks like for educators and why technology is critical to ensuring equity for all students.

Host Allison R. Brown is a civil rights attorney and President of Allison Brown Consulting (ABC), which works with schools and other organizations to create education equity plans and promote equity in education.

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