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WEDNESDAYS: 7pm EST/6pm CST: KNOT Your Typical Radio Talk THURSDAYS: 2pm EST/1pm CST: The Metropolis Countdown with J Metro THURSDAYS: 2pm EST/1pm Central: Join SIX TIME BILLBOARD CHARTING (including a NUMBER 1 R&B Songs chart single "Shades of Gray") composer, singer, songwriter, J-Metro for the ever changing sound of the Metropolis Countdown. WEDNESDAYS: 7pm EST/6pm Central: Nieama, Dr. O.T., and Dantea (Don-tay-uh) focus on relationships of all kinds and sex (our favorite topic). Be sure to check out (and submit your name for) our interview sessions. And send in questions for advice hour. Call in and talk with us live: 661-449-9318 Check us out on Facebook and be sure to “LIKE” the page: Follow Dr. O.T. on Twitter: @DocPorterOT Follow J Metro on Twitter: @Jmetromusic Email us: You can also chat live with us from this website in our chat-room during regular show hours!

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In this sure to be HILARIOUS episode of KNOT we discuss the many different ways that men and women behave and see the world differently. This is sure to be a polarizing show. Join in on the discussion by calling... more
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As we grow and mature, there is an expectation that we will all pair off with another person and become one half of a couple. However, as times change, many people are foregoing the traditional time-frames for settling into a... more

April 2014 edition of Metropolis Countdown Metro Style...Don't miss the show!

We have many different terms to provide the impression that the attention of a suitor is unwanted: thirsty, stalking, beat, whipped, etc. When exactly does one cross the line? Why is there a line? Who decided it? You? Society? Friends?... more

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, hell - even MySpace...and the list goes on. Social media has a definite impact on the way we now see and handle relationships. Has it been mostly good? useful? Bad? Useless? Intrusive?... more

It's the March 2014 edition of the Metropolis Countdown Realness edition, Tune in for the Countdown according to Billboard and the Independent Artist spotlight of the day

Join us as we interview the rising R & B artist, Chris Michael. We will play his new song "Private Party" and have our own private party on air with him.

Join your hottie hosts Dr. O.T., Nieama, and Dantea (Don - Tay - Uh) as we play our first round of 20 Questions for the 2014 calendar year. Feel free to call in and play along 661-449-9318. The show is always one of our most entertaining.... more

J Metro counts down the top Radio Recurrents in the Nation according to Billboard Music Charts!

Monogamy has become a seemingly "normal" and expected part of the American lifestyle. However, how high are we setting our sights when we commit to being monogamous for the rest of our lives with the same person? Is it possible? Is it... more
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