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Bible study, end time current events, exposing false doctrines, and warning all to prepare spiritually. Host: Brian Moonan (Turn from your idols.)

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Only Jesus Christ can truly heal body, mind and spirit, forgiving sins and giving the gift of life. This is a warning about the difference between God's Holy power, and the Devil's evil powers. Many in the alternative medicine movement are... more

The Bible is CLEAR! Prophets of God preached the word. Jesus Christ the Messiah preached the word. Born again Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, are to preach the word. After recently hearnig a professing Christian man say... more

Soft spoken ministers and screaming attack-dog style teachers alike can have a false gospel that is void of repentance, and they are likely decieved themselves about what the Bible teaches on the matter. The Bible teaches the doctrine that... more

In a world filled with fake news, shallow relationships and empty promises, only Jesus Christ can satisfy those who truly hunger and thirst for righteousness. He offers living water freely, to all who will come to Him. Do you thirst for peace and... more

Blasphemous claims that the Word of God can be changed are even coming from popular internet KJV teachers. Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh, HE cannot be corrupted, or changed. This Bible study will both expose Satan's same old plot... more

Sometimes, God does big things with our small steps of obedience. God used Daniel, his three young friends, and Joseph's tests of faith to cause Kings to declare that HE is The Living God. If God uses us to accomplish anything at all,... more

Brian Moonan is issueing an Emergency Truthdealer Challenge- hand out at least one gospel tract every day for the next year. The Devil would love it if you DON'T, because he knows that time is short, and Almighty God is working on men and... more

God is very clear in His word the Holy Bible to define pride as sin, always. It is the sin that cause Lucifer to fall and become Satan. This is a Bible study to warn the body of Christ not to be partakers in "American pride" or any form pride at all.... more

All Christians should agree that we are not to use profane language and/or cursing. We are also not to curse the name of The Lord, or take His name in vain. Have we ever done that without realizing it? "A minced oath is a euphemistic... more

One of the earliest creeds, or confessions of faith, of Christians was Jesus is Lord (1 Corinthians 12:3.) Learn from the Bible about how God can protect His children, and how we as believers in Jesus Christ are sealed unto the day of... more