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This show will focus on autism, ADD, AHDH, Allergies, Asthma, PDD NOS, Allergies, autoimmunity, and diets such as feingold diet, specific carb diet, gluten casein free diet, toxin and chemical removal, as welll as speech occupational and ABA therapies I will also include natural ways to detox. Some of this is controversial but it will be an overview of anything autism related so people know a little about all of these things and it will help narrow down to what they need. I am not a doctor, I am a parent of autistic identical twins who wants to share my story and my friends who have a vast knowledge in these areas.

On-Demand Episodes

Interview with Vaccine Researcher Jim OKelly. Defintions of virus, pharmacy, and drug. How do you make a vaccine? How did they discover them?

I realized that I have discovered I have an amazing skill and I thought I should have a show and explain what I am doing.

I'm back. I took a small hiatus last week but I'm back. I have returning guests the talented artist Kaleb Brown and his supportive mom Kristen to talk about Kaleb's latest venture his new comic books! Kaleb and Kristin are on the spectrum and I... more

I'm talking about an overview about a webinar I saw with Dr Shaw about the connection with autism and tylenol. Did you see it? Call in with your thoughts. Did you take tylenol before or after vaccines? Did you take it before or after a toxin... more

I'm talking about an article in the Vermont Independent Voice. A little girl, Kaylynne Barton died after the flu shot and people who speak out are called "alarmist" If there was a breakout of a disease that is supposedly "vacciine... more

Reivew of the book by Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel MD Awesome book find out what this book is. It's a good start to figure out what is wrong with your child.

Stanislaw Burzynski MD Andrew Wakefield Warren Levin MD What do these doctors have in common? Listen and find out.

Interview with Tami Wilken. How do you detox? Why should you detox and what are signs that you are not detoxing properly. Find out about Bioray, Liver Life, NDF plus.Get rid of your heavy metals.

Interview with Tami Wilken about Bioray. Bioray uses products like Liver Life, NDF Plus, Cytoflora. Find out what these are and how they can help our kids. Why is a healthy Bowel and a strong liver important? Find out here.

Interview with Yael Walters Kozar. Her daughter has a very severe peanut allergy. Listen to her inspiring story. How do you read food labels. What is the difference between Anaphylaxis and allergy? How do you tell if your child has a... more