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Autism Education

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Does your child learn by doing? Do they learn by watching? Do they learn by listening. Many people autism or not do some combination of these. This show is about how to get into their head. Think the way they think. Learn the way they learn. The visual thinker thinks cat and sees every picture of every cat they have ever known. Think of Temple Grandin Movie. The kinesthetic learner needs to touch the object to learn or write it down. The auditory learner listens and might have a mental picture. Which one do they shut down to learn? If everything is equally loud, then tuning out the sounds the don't matter would help them and that child might be an auditory learner trying to process too much auditory stimuli at the same time. A child who has Synesthesia may see a number with a color or a shape. That number for that child will always be the same color or shape and the teacher or parent needs to see validate this to help them learn. Everyone does that to some degree but not in the same way. This show will get into your head and your child's head to see that they are "different not less" and that there is no normal way of learning. But parents and educators should validate their learning and teach with different styles, and emotions and see why and obsessive compulsive child may just have a different learning style then the way they were taught. It doesn't mean that it's wrong. It means that it's different and everyone can adapt to see how people think not jut what they think. This is an interview with Katherine Byrne who can explain this better then anyone I know. You may see your child differently after listening to this show.