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Our aim is to provide a one-stop for news on the political goings-on in Washington DC and nationwide. We follow the Democrats, Republicans and Independents

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Any topic is up for discussion this and every Sunday. We'd love to hear from you friends. Call in, have your say and feel better about our current state of affairs in America. Join political pundits and social commentators, Dave Franklin and Lori... more

It seems like the GOP have lost their minds. They are bankrupt of ideas and only good for blocking and stopping the progress of America. They have not smartened up from the 2012 beating at the polls by President Barack Obama. Instead of... more

Any topic is up for discussion. Join political pundits and social commentators, Dave Franklin and Lori Picarella, as they take your calls. We look forward to hearing from you friends EXPANDING THE SHOW AND THE BLOG Join us on... more

The Republicans can't stop him. They can only hope to contain him. If that's the case, they are doing a horrible job of it. While they concentrate on repealing Obama's Affordable Care Act, assault women's rights, muddy the waters with... more

Any topic is up for discussion in this half hour. We'll be expanding to the 60-90 minute format in September. We look forward to your continued support and spreading the word of our humble little show and blog. Join political pundits and... more

Subtitle: "Economic Gridlock and Endless GOP Distractions" The President's Speech on the Economy and strengthening the Middle Class. Endless gridlock in Washington, D.C. and continued Republican stupidity cripples economic... more

ANY TOPIC IS OPEN FOR DISCUSSION! We appreciate the support you show us by spreading the word by word of mouth and through the various social media. Our humble little blog and this radio show will be expanding to the 60-90... more

In "Post Racial" America there has been several murders that went unanswered for against Black men. The latest one being 17 year old Trayvon Martin. It's often said that there exsist no more racism in America since the election of the first... more

Remember Marisa Alexander? Her abusive husband beat her up regularly. She shot the loser and tried to use the "STAND YOUR GROUND" law. She was found guilty and is now serving a 20 year sentence. Neighborhood Vigilante and... more

Anything you want to talk about in this half hour. 30 minutes of talk about news, politics and pop culture. Join political pundits and social commentators, Dave Franklin and Lori Picarella, as they take your calls. We love to hear from our... more