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Our aim is to provide a one-stop for news on the political goings-on in Washington DC and nationwide. We follow the Democrats, Republicans and Independents

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The decision was made by a Grand Jury. And Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged with anything. This has enraged many people across America as it brings up the subject of Race In America again. What does the verdict reveal about the American Justice System and "Post Racial" America? Join us as we discuss the further fall out of race relations in America, the ramifications of the verdict, what are positive solutions and where do we go from here? We'd love to hear from you friends. When you call in, if you would like to participate, PRESS 1 and wait to be identified by the hosts. If you'd rather listen, DON'T PRESS ANYTHING! When acknowledged, please say your first name and where you are calling from. We thank you for pressing the LIKE, SHARE, REMIND and FOLLOW buttons. This is KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW with DAVE & LORI MOTTO: "We're Not Anti-Social, We're Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!" LIKE: COMING SOON (BLOG): Are you a writer and knowledgable about American politics and world affairs? We would love to hear from you as we're looking for contributing writers to our new website Contact us on our Facebook page for further details as we will answer all questions and queries you may have. Thanks friends and have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. All the best to you and yours... Respectfully, Dave Franklin & Lori Picarella
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Republicans voted AGAINST Equal Pay for Equal Work...AGAIN! Scotland voted today for Independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. How does it affect America? Charter Schools... more

A potpourri of events in the past week in America (and news from around the world you may have missed). Join Dave & Lori as they take your calls and speak about the latest in American & International politics (and pop culture) affecting... more

LORI PICARELLA IS BACK! Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes while Lori was in hospital recouperating. She's back and better than before. You can't hold a good woman down can you? Tonight we'll speak on the latest... more

Guest Co-Host: Robin Henderson-Crawford (Texas) will be sitting in for Lori Picarella (Michigan). Lori will be back this Saturday starting at 8pm. Any topic is open for discussion as we delve into the political hot topics of the day... more

The Lunatics(Republicans) are running the Assylum(Capitol Hill). The Tea Party Republicans are holding America hostage as infrastructure, public education, the elderly, War Veterans, the Middle Class and Working Class Families are being... more

Michigan deserves quality leadership in 21st Century America. Who is the best choice for Governor? He's definately "A Man For All People" who is compassionate, humble, sincere, honest, dedicated and an all-round decent... more

Definition of a Hero: "A hero deliberately & courageously overcomes obstacles for the benefit of others without regard to personal consequences. Conquered obstacles are the only qualifying credentials of heroes and a measure of one's... more

Any political topic is up for discussion. Talk about what is happening in your State. From sea to shining sea, we want to hear from you and what are your hopes as we fast approach the 2014 Midterm Elections of 2014. Please say your... more

So, you think NOT voting in 2014 helps? You think voting doesn't affect you? Think again! Republicans, since being elected as the majority in 2010 in the House of Representatives, has been nothing but a road block to real progress... more

When you hear Detroit, you think of a place where legends are made. Detroit was once a great and vibrant City. Because of years of mismangement and neglect, it is now a shell of what it once was. There will be a Mass Rally on Friday, July... more