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S06/E01: Thing Fall Apart, The Center Cannot Hold. Is The GOP Self Destructing?

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There's a lot of talk on the Radical Right, that the Tea Party wants to break away from the Republican Party. With Tea Party far right challenger, Chris McDaniel, unsuccessfully challenging incumbent US Senator Thad Cochran in Mississippi, the Right is slowly but surely self destructing. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, House Speaker John Boehner and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann heavily criticising President Barack Obama on just about everything. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Party of Lincoln & Ike?

The GOP is bankrupt of ideas as the President continue to frustrate them on every turn. Democrats actually want to get some meaningful work done in terms of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Infrastructure, Education, Health Care, etc. and move America forward positively. Republicans don't! They want to sue the President. What next? Try to impeach him? The GOP has turned into a joke and has become irrelevant in 21st Century America.  

Join us as we talk about this and much more tonight. Are you ready for Mid-Terms 2014 and what can we do collectively to see to it that Democrats get a majority in both chambers of the US Congress? The Koch Brothers have committed $300 million to this election cycle trying to buy our Government. We've beaten them twice before and we'll beat them again!

Author for "WRAPPED IN THE FLAG: A PERSONAL HISTORY OF AMERICA'S RADICAL RIGHT", Claire Conner, is our special guest. She is an authority on the Koch Brothers, Tea Party, John Birch Society and radical American right wing political fanatacism.

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