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S03/E08: What If America Got A Democratic Majority?

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The GOP ran on job in 2010. They have done nothing but block ever since.

Where are the jobs Boehner and McConnell?

The GOP have: assaulted Women's Rights, fought against Gay Equality and Same Sex Marriage, indifferent to Comprehensive Immigration Reform, wasted tax payer money on trying to repeal Obama Care 37 times (Cost $55 million), practiced gerrymandering to "win at all costs", cut taxes for the 1% while cutting social benefits for the elderly and poor, mostly made up or overblown "scandals" threatening to impeach the POTUS and demanding the Attorney General be fired.

That's not even the tip of the iceburg when it comes on to the whacky far right wing lunatics. Former Republican Senator Bob Dole(Kansas) said that "the GOP needs to be closed for repair". They have already lost a generation with their crazy extremist views. The Tea Party curse has come to bite them in the butt as they are in danger of becoming a Minority party like the Whigs did in 1850.

Some "Blue Dog" Democrats in Red States always side with Republicans no matter what. Can the Democrats retake the US Senate and gain a majority in the US House of Representatives? What about Gubernatoral and Mayoral Races across America? Tell us what you think friends? 

Join us, Dave Franklin and Lori Picarella, as we discuss options and possibilities for Democrats in 2014 Elections. Is President Obama destined for greatness or in danger of being a lame duck?

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