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The decision was made by a Grand Jury. And Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged with anything. This has enraged many people across America as it brings up the subject of Race In America again. What does the verdict reveal about the American Justice System and "Post Racial" America? Join us as we discuss the further fall out of race relations in America, the ramifications of the verdict, what are positive solutions and where do we go from here? We'd love to hear from you friends. When you call in, if you would like to participate, PRESS 1 and wait to be identified by the hosts. If you'd rather listen, DON'T PRESS ANYTHING! When acknowledged, please say your first name and where you are calling from. We thank you for pressing the LIKE, SHARE, REMIND and FOLLOW buttons. This is KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW with DAVE & LORI MOTTO: "We're Not Anti-Social, We're Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!" LIKE: COMING SOON (BLOG): Are you a writer and knowledgable about American politics and world affairs? We would love to hear from you as we're looking for contributing writers to our new website Contact us on our Facebook page for further details as we will answer all questions and queries you may have. Thanks friends and have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. All the best to you and yours... Respectfully, Dave Franklin & Lori Picarella
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We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe, eat a lot and always give back. We salute soldiers serving overseas and we have hope America can get back to where she belongs as a beacon of Democracy that the entire... more

The only reason Republicans won was because Democrats stayed home. Simple as that! No sitting President's party ever gained seats in Congress (except FDR in 1934). Many States passed liberal laws like raising minimum wage, legalized... more

Simply put, IT'S WIN or GO HOME. If one were to believe polls, one would think that Republicans will win in a landslide.(b/c of the usual low voter turnout) But, for the first time in history, voter turnout has been high in some places.... more

The Brave May Fall But Never Yield. Democrats of all ages, social classes, beliefs and ethnicities, we are in for the fight of our lives this election cycle. A fight for what is right and just in America. On November 4, 2014 the election trumpet will... more

Congress is broken! America has turned into a major clusterfuck basically as Republicans say no to everything. Rather than working with Democrats and the President, they block and raise hell about none consequential matters in their... more

We will analyse the Mark Schauer vs. Rick Snyder Gubernatorial Debate in Michigan. At 9pm, we're glad to welcome back Charles "Sonny" Carter (Democrat, Arkansas: State House 97). The Koch Brothers are pumping millions of dollars... more

Join on tonight as we speak with Kris O. Mbah. Michiganders in Kalamazoo are fired up and ready to go vote for Mark Scahuer for Governor, Gary Peters for U.S. Senate and Kris O. Mbah for School Board. Let's talk about it here friends. We... more

The 2014 Midterm Elections are only weeks away. Can Democrats preserve their majority in the U.S. Senate and retake the House of Representatives? What are the ramafications if Republicans win both chambers of the Congress?... more

Tonight is a special night as we have known our guest now for years on Facebook. We were glad she threw her hat into the ring, offering herself up to represent the good people of Utah. What we can say is that she is a person of... more