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Psychic Inspiration,and Connections "Kiss Me I'm Psychic The Psychic View" Your #1 show for Psychic Chat. Hosted by Christine Corda Psychic Medium. Highly respected and gifted Psychic Medium Christine Corda Hosts "Kiss Me I'm Psychic The Psychic View". Each show brings you many exciting guests. Authors,Researchers,Healers,Psychics you name them we will have them, Join us for free psychic readings, teachings guided meditations and more. Join Christine as she delves into topics from Bigfoot to Conspiracies, to UFOS there is nothing Christine won't investigate. Go down the rabbit hole each week with Christine to explore all aspects of the Paranormal and Psychic sides of life on "Kiss Me I'm Psychic The Psychic View" On "Kiss Me I'm Psychic Radio." Every week on BTR Free Readings with Christine or her guests! Independent reviews about reading accuracy can be found here~

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Daniel Johnson visits KMIP this evening. Daniel is the Author of ~ "An LDS Guide To Mesoamerica" He will be discussing what it is to be a Mormon,,as well as what Mormons believe and do not believe. More importantly we will be discussing the intolerance he has experienced from "other Christians" because he is a Mormon and along with the Bible, reads and believes the book of Mormon to be divinely inspired. His website is a fascinating site filled with studies he has done and many articles. We will delve into some of the accounts he has had during his trips to Mesoamerica. Daniel has had a lifelong interest in ancient cultures, especially from the Americas. His first trip to Mesoamerica was in 1999. Since then he has led friends on excursions to Central America and has given firesides about traveling there. He served a mission in the Buenos Aires North and Mendoza Argentina missions. He works as a digital artist and teaches at Bay Area colleges. Purchase the book~ Call in with your comments or questions~ (323) 580-5689
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Suzanne Perry Joins me for a Powerful show tonight!!! Suzzanne Perry is a powerful woman. She overcame 22 years of abuse. She founded Love Shouldn't Hurt TV, a medium to share experiences, empowerment,... more

Ed Roman "Special Ed" Singer Songwriter, musical genius, joins us LIVE On "Kiss me I'm Psychic The Psychic View" We will be playing some of Eds songs and dicussing the paranormal,psychics and where Songwriters get their... more

Upcoming guests will be announced but when we have no guest Christine will be doing FREE readings. call in number is (323) 580-5689... Christine Corda a Psychic Medium from Waterbury Ct. Christine is considered one of the best... more

With the success of the movie "Heaven Is for Real" we can easily admit we are all faced with many questions about our own eternal life.. Does God/Jesus/Allah/Spirit Exist.. Where do we go when we die? What about... more

From the ?Two Bipolar Chicks?, Wendy K. Williamson and Honora Rose, comes this survival guide disguised as a low-key, how to manual. From their wellness vaults, they compiled three decades worth of tips for you. Filled with insightful... more I am Psychic Medium Christine Corda from Waterbury Ct. This evening and on many of my subsequent shows I will be taking calls from listeners who want free readings. I am highly respected and have reviews I am... more

Today on "By Way Of Waterbury" we will continue our discussion on Holy Land renovation. We will also plunge into some of the issues surrounding the public pools in Waterbury CT. Expect to chat about relevant news going on... more

Stanley Stewart returns to Kiss Me I'm Psychic for a lively informative show on Modern Wizardry. Wizardry is NOT about magic or asking spirits to do "our" bidding it is about connecting and understanding the source/God/ the Universe.... more

Swoop's World Radio is a Southern California Internet radio show based in Long Beach, Ca., that broadcasts on the Talk Story Radio and BlogTalk networks. Each week hosts Swoop and Peter Dopulos, tap into the arts, culture, politics,... more

A NEW show here on BTR to discuss politics, news, and events going on here in Waterbury Ct and beyond. Join Christine Corda and assorted co-hosts as we Celebrate Waterbury Ct and share our ideas viewponts and of course concerns... more
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