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Speaking on ALL area's of Life- We will speak what's on our mind and our minds can go in all kinds of directions. We all will respect each other opinion.

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Black men rejecting Black women. Black women rejecting Black men. It is so hard to find a resolution this on-going battle between Black Man and Black Woman. Where will it end?

Perhaps one party is beginning to feel anxious about where the relationship is going – or the other person expects it to go. And when one person doing whatever they want to do and not talking to the other person can cause problems.

The only man/woman that is willing to deal with a trifling man/woman is a trifling one. Do not let another woman/man ill advised view on your relationship take away your chances to meet a good man/woman.

He says I'm stubborn and he's always on her side.. NEVER my side. She's always in our business. She wanted to tell us what to wear at our own wedding. What can I do about this? How can you deal with this? what can you do?

How do people really feel when they see a black women wearing their hair naturally? Do men really care if women wear weave or their natural hair? Is there a thing of to much weave? And is this just a trend that black women is going... more

We all have some vague ambitions but Knowing which way to turn: information can put you on the right financial course. Special guest Angela Underwood Author of Building Your Financial Future Even To The Point Of Giving:... more

Children whose parents have been arrested and incarcerated face unique difficulties.Most are vulnerable to feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, depression and guilt. The behavioral consequences can be severe, absent... more

How would you feel if you found out if your husband/wife was gay? How would you deal with it? Do you feel there's signs to know if they are gay? Would you or would you be able to still live with your mate? Would you be hurt? Would you... more

A lot of women and men struggle with odor "DOWN THERE" just like similarly to under-arm hair, pubic hair can trap odor. What cause pubic hair to have an odor & what are some ways if any to prevent it?

What if scientists could precisely measure when life begins and ends? T here is a tremendous consensus in the scientific community about when life begins. This is hardly controversial. If the claim were made that life was discovered on another... more