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Welcome to KEM Top Talk Radio. This is a place where people come to speak their minds freely and as they see fit. This includes frank and sexually explicit discussion and opinions, erotica, depictions and descriptions of alternative spirituality and lifestyles. We also discuss current affairs and events.

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What better way to celebrate the 13th episode of Unfiltered with my favorite topic - Social Media. There's a lot to be said about all of these social media platforms. Sharing platforms were designed for connections and sharing information, but... more

Someone emailed me a few days ago asking me to talk about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. An avid follower in my youtube days of discussing reality shows, apparently this fan is intererested in hearing my thoughts of the Dorit fiasco and... more

You've heard the excerpts of Ray Sostre's stories, 'Allison in Wonderland' and 'Promiscuity and Success The Chronicals of Meriesa Lopez'. On today's KEM TopTalk Interview Show we will go deep into Ray's inspirations and how he... more

Marabelle Blue interviews the exceptional Nancy Ava Miller, author of 'Pervert, Notes from the Sexual Underground' Nancy documents her life story in this book of S&M, Role Play, Alternative lifestyles, Mistresses, and more and discovery... more

In tonight's episode we will address lowballing and people who do it and how that affects your business and how this behavior filters down affecting other business as well. Also I will be making an special announcement one of many!... more

On tonight's Erotic Experiences episode Casey and Marabelle read another story by Frank Lucier's The Slut, the Cuckold and the Bull. A story about Tony and his wife Sheila. Tony felt there was something missing from their relationship and... more

Hello my darlings! Marabelle Blue here with another KEM TopTalk Unfiltered. Last week we had Drama with a capital D, literally. I will discuss all along with my trip to the Phoenix Forum and what I learned there and what we can expect for... more

Tonight Casey and Marabelle take you once again into the journey author Ray Sostre with Promiscuity and Success The Chronicals of Meriesa Lopez. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting this episode. To purchase any of... more

After a bout with a flu and a BAD cough, Marabelle Blue is back with a new Unfiltered. Notable deaths last week, Luke Perry died of a massive stroke at 52. R. Kelly keeps going to jail and being bailed out. Who's bailing him out? And... more

Tonight Casey and Marabelle take you into the world of the author of Allison in Wonderland, Ray Sostre and exploring the world of voyeurism and sex. How does that change your point of view of watching someone and how does that... more
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