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Kinia Colbert


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Socialbutterfli Connection Radio: One Network, multiple programs which unite communities through our "It Takes a Village to Build a Strong Community Foundation", . We work to create villages NOT islands. 1) Adult program: Everything Relationships - Focuses on building a stronger You! This show focuses on all relationships, and how our personalities and past baggage can affect how we interact with one another. More importantly how our unresolved pain can cause so much turmoil, that it can destroy our attempts at love. As an ACC certified life coach, I address how to best approach and solve life concerns while growing stronger and achieving life goals...including love. 2)Through the Looking Glass It Takes a Village- An interactive children's talk radio show, featuring topics designed to unite families through conversations and topics focused on improving family unity, and building stronger family foundations so that our children can be assured a positive, and uplifting futures. We feature interviews with authors, illustrators, musicians, educators, and each person who spend their lives helping others. 3. Sports Sunday, with Host Keith Harper and Co-host Kenny Harper bring us a weekly Pre-game talk show featuring highlights, predictions, what's trending with teams and the players etc. all with fun conversations and many laughs.

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Today we're taking a closer look at how to be prepared for the unexpected times in life, by having an emergency plan understood by those closest to you. You're invited to call in and share your own families plans, together we can be better... more

Relationship Killers! Whites against Blacks. Blacks against Whites. Black against black. Religions against one another. Rich against Poor. Poor against Rich. Educated against uneducated. Employers against employees. Young against... more

Before Healing You Must 1st Cure What's Preventing The Healing Our country is suffering from a system that is not fair for all of its citizens, 2017 has found us in situations that resemble our countries past. The U.S has a history of racism,... more

The NFL Boycott- Together We Stand? Divided We Fall Today's show will kick off our Stand Against Mistreatment, Through Social Activisim it is our intent to continue to build stronger relationships by bringing light to injustices. We are... more

Surviving The Storm & Starting Over The world will forever see catastrophic situations that will make us stand up and take note, we've all learned that we can't predict the future or always control our present situations. But how we respond... more

Relationship Maintenance & HBO's Insecure This week's show will focus on how to keep relationships strong by eliminating the issues that are sure to cause trouble in relatonships. We are also continuing our weekly comparison in... more

The Grass Seems Greener until You Realize Its All The Same Grass In Episode 3, Molly faces this dilemma when a new black intern joins her law firm. Rasheeda (Gail Bean) embodies the sort of sassy black girl archetype that may be O.K.... more

Insecure the tv show vs Your life Join us as we continue to dig deep into "Insecure" the tv show, we are discussing Season 1 episodes 2 & 3 this week. Come prepared to discuss each characters position and how they got were they... more

We All Have Defense Mechanism's, Some Can Ruin Our Relationships Everyone uses defense mechanisms, and if you believe Freud, everyone has to, in order to avoid staring in the face of our worst anxieties. Even if you don't believe Freud,... more

A Healthy Friendship Is Just As Important As A Healthy Romantic Relationship This week on the show we are identifying toxic friendships and discussing the many ways to try to salvage them, before walking away. Sometimes we simply... more