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So many people today are looking for their roots. Is our roots Pentecostal? Apostolic? Jewish? Israeli? Hebrew? What do the Scriptures declare?
Minister C. Nevarez

Holiness is right!

  • by Minister C. Nevarez
HOLY God (Joshua 24:19) HOLY covenant (Daniel 11:28) HOLY angels (Matthew 25:31) HOLY prophets (Luke 1:70) HOLY apostles (Revelation 18:20) HOLY nation (1 Peter 2:9) HOLY city (Revelation 21:2) HOLY Jerusalem... more
Minister C. Nevarez

Holy Greetings!

  • by Minister C. Nevarez
Grace and peace be multiplied unto you! Welcome to the Light to the Nations. Dedicated to shine forth the true Light (understanding) of Jesus Messiah to both Jews & Gentiles all over the world. Light to the Nations is not focused on one... more

Believe what is written, forsake fables, and reject the traditions of men that contradict the Scriptures!
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