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Welcome to the "Kingdom Broadcasting Network" (KBN), where we bring you practical and relevant teaching, spirit - filled preaching and fervent prayer to impact your life and promote the Kingdom of God.

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had no problems in life? We will never know, of course, for this life is filled with trials and circumstances that weigh us down. When we read the Bible, we find that God often uses trials in life to teach us... more

Life is filled with challenges. They maybe a result of our choices, tests from God to bring spiritual growth, or simply everyday circumstances. Facing these challenges is not always easy. We need direction and advice to overcome no... more

This Week's Lesson: "Traits of a Godly Leader" - (Joshua 1:9). Lying, stealing, breaking promises. These are not the kind of qualities we want to see i our leaders. Yet, it is far too common that we see a CEO, politician, civil servant, or... more

There is an old saying that holds a lot of truth: "Attitude is everything". Two people can face the same situation, with one responding positively while the other reacts in a negative way. Whether you discover that you have come into... more

This Week's Lesson: Facing Our Worldliness - (James 4:7) When Christians think of worldly behavior, they often focus on specific immoral acts such as drunkenness, adultery, ography, and similar activities. In the Book of James, we... more

Have you ever said something, only to relaize a moment later that you wanted to take the words back? Wouldn't it be nice if we could simply hit an "undo" button or take a mulligan in order to redo a coversation? Life gives us no such... more

It is sadly all too common to watch Christian draw disctinctions between what they say say they believe and how they live. This is often seen in relationships. They fail to link the wonderful grace, mercy, and love they receive from God with... more

The Christian life is not meant to be easy. Our desires, motivations, and actions as Christians will often contradict our nature as human beings. In many respects our earthly lives prepare us for eternity. The process of this preparation... more

The Messianic Psalms are a number of psalms that foretell some aspect of the coming of the Messiah. Some only contain a verse or two that prophesy the Messiah. Others are entirely dedicated to foretelling the coming Messiah.... more

News broadcasts can be depressing: natural disasters, wars, terrorism, persecurion, human trafficing, child abuse, etc. Where is God? Where is justice? Who defends the defenseless? Today's lesson will examine three psalms... more