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Welcome to the "Kingdom Broadcasting Network" (KBN), where we bring you practical and relevant teaching, spirit - filled preaching and fervent prayer to impact your life and promote the Kingdom of God.

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This Week's Lesson: "Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice" - (1 Samuel 15:22). Any relationship requires and understanding of terms. A healthy relationship will recognize the obligations and expectations of both friends. A marriage is similar. However, our relationship with God is unique. We follow Him on His terms. We have nothing to offer other than ourselves. When we make this offering, we recognize that He has expectations of us. His commands must be obeyed as we submit to His governance of our lives. We live out our lives lives according to His plans, not our own. In this week;s lesson, we will see that King Saul failed to recall the importance of obedience, and suffered as a results. We are wise to learn from his sad example, remembering that obedience brings peace, fulfillment, and blessing.
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Corporate scandals. Government corruption. Moral relativism. We live in a society where the lines of personal integroty can seem to blur. If we are not careful, we can make integrity a matter of our own personal opinion. God's Word is... more

The Life of Samuel series continues

What are some of the Qualities the Lord looks for in those who minister for Him? Answers include humility, compassion, holiness, faithfulness, prayerfulness, courage, selflessness, and diligence. Samuel reminds us that God calls us to... more

What can we learn from the disappointments of life? How should we respond when they come? Today's study opens by looking at Hannah, a woman who God had made barren. She did not succumb to despair at her disappointment, but... more

We must be prepared at times to respond with compassion in times of need. God's moral law instructs us in how to demonstrate love, justice, and respect in crisis situation.

How would you define society's attitude toward sexuality and sexual purity? We live in a society that increasingly adopts relativistic and premissive attitudes toward sex. Often, purity is derided as "out of touch" or "prudish". But God has... more

The desire for justice is almost universal. In our temporal world, wars are fought to liberate the oppresed. Great movements rise from the desire to free those who suffer injustice at the hands of tyranny.From this fundamental desire of God for... more

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