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God's Kingdom Rules Over all orders. Political, Family, Society, Church, Life

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There is no other place on the earth that provides the abundance of soil, sunshine and water that is needed to produce fruit, corn, wheat and practically any type of product that is mostly common to us. Sure, there are... more

Grace - The available Advantage for the Christian activist Not to long after America was established, the drift away from depending on divine providence towards self-reliance begun. The speed by which it accelerated started when... more

Fear has literally paralized many Americans to the point that they cannot do anything but just watch the news and sink deeper and deeper in despair. People are desperately attempting to grapple with the issues that are increasing daily... more

The Kingdom of God for the American has a ever increasing dynamic: CHANGE! The America we grew up to know and love is drastically changing and will never be the same. How you, as a Christian, positioned yourself for the unfolding... more

Where is America today? Where will America be tomorrow? How does God view any country? How should the Christian approach citizenship? William Owens, host of Kingdom Protocol will place into perspective this vital issue as we witness... more

Unforgiveness is a massive debt that God never intended for us to pay because we cannot pay it. In the realm of God's Kingdom, forgiveness is not an option only because His forgiveness of our own sins, makes access to His Kingdom... more

With a bold and unapologetic fusion of God's Word, today's political activities and a prayerful discernment of what the Spirit of God is saying, William will expound the Kingdom for Christians and non-Christians alike. With the authority of the... more