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Kingdom of the Spirit

Kingdom of the Spirit


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Making the paranormal normal and how it can lead to true spiritual understanding. We are more than we dared to dream

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Things may be very different and some will be the same. You may not get what you want, but you will get what you need.

It is said that we humans are the only species who are aware that we will eventually die. It causes such as fear and trepidation It blocks our way to understanding the real truth of the matter. It is but one simple step in the spiritual... more

Somwhere in the stream of your experience, you have developed an idea as to what is or not possible. Many of our beliefs are focused on limitations and not on the tremendous potential that exist in our lives. The same principle that make... more

The wall is vibration. The phenomena of mediumship is the most interesting and least understood topic dealing with the psychic arena. Its is also viewed with the greatest degree of skepticism. Once you understand the underlyin principles, the... more

The use of higher energy to heal is in use throughout the world. the practice is used in countless hospitals. The positive results are well tested and documented. It provides a perfect adjunct to the established medical treatment methods.

One of the most important ways to reach a higher level of spiritual growth is meditation. It will begin the transformation of vibration levels. The true transitional journey begins by focusing inward.

Who we are is the sum total of every life we have lived. We have created a road map of experience which creates our future. If you are not happy with your path, learn how to make positive change.

Evolution takes place in all levels of existence. Each soul has a specific reason for being here. Each new life affords an opportunity learn and grow. Each life gives us an opportunity to advance on our own spiritual pathway/

Understanding the principles which normalize arcane phenomena can be used to lead you to a new understanding of yourself and the true nature of reality. You learn that the way in is the way out.

There are Universal Laws. The Law of Correspondence provides a key which opens all of reality to the pursuit of true understanding. It makes sense of the phenomena which has appeared reasonable and arcane. It can also help to... more