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How to Find Free Kindle Books

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Kindle Books Money

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0:05 Heidi White

Hey everybody. This is Heidi White with Kindle Books Money. That's right. This is the show where we talk about Kindle books, books to read, books to share, books to buy. And we talk about how to publish books on Kindle, how to become an author and once you are an author, how to make money selling your books on Kindle. Today's show is going to be oriented towards the reader, and authors, you should be readers. If you're not already reading that's not a good thing. But what I want to talk to you today about is how to take advantage of your Kindle and if you don't already have one, I suggest you get one. They are incredible. I didn't think I'd want one and well, now that I have it, I don't know how I ever lived without it. It's sort of like a cell phone or perhaps how people used to feel about having a car. In any case, what I love most about my Kindle is that I can get so many free books. Okay? I mean we're talking more than I'll ever have a chance to read and just knowing that in my little purse, I have this tiny little lightweight device that has already probably 70 books that I can read at any given moment, just as my heart good and the next time I'm stuck waiting for tires to get fixed or waiting at the doctor's office or just anywhere where I'm bored and I don't feel like checking my darn cell phone again, just to see if I received a text.

2:00 Heidi White

Or play some stupid game that really doesn't make me happy or learn anything. I now have the ability to go and research my selections. For example, right now, let's just look at some of the books that I have. I have a book that I downloaded on barbecue recipes with a beer. Well, what the heck? You know, you never know when you might want to do that or let's see what else I have. So go back to the beginning, to my choices. I have Kindle Cash: The Beginner's Guide. I have The Art of Paid Search. I have from my erotic writing stuff, How to Write Hot Sex Tips. I have Fifty Shades of Grey which I talked about in the last episode which took me a while to read but I was able to -- actually that wasn't a free one but I'm just telling you, some of these books were free. The fact is the Kindle allows you to have so many books. You can have an unlimited amount because they don't go on the device. They go in the cloud. That's right. So getting down to business, how do you find free Kindle books? Well, let's start with the most obvious place. And that is Amazon.com. There in the Amazon search window, you just type in the word top 100 free Kindle books or top 100 Kindle books and then you'll see across the top a bunch of links. One of them will be the top 100 Kindle books. Now when you click on that, you'll get two columns. On the left, you'll get the Top 100 books in Kindle that are paid and on the right, you'll get the Top 100 books in Kindle that are free.

4:04 Heidi White

So right after that you can grab 100 books. Put them on your Kindle. These are the top 100 so they've been heavily favored by other people during their free period and then, you know, they cross all the genres typically. You're not going to narrow it down to specific genres, but you can get the top 100 for any given day and if you go on everyday, you will have so many books by the end of a period of time so that's the easiest way. Another thing you can do is go and look for the top 100 free Kindle books by genre and it's a little bit -- a little slightly more difficult to find them but I'm going to go ahead and do a blog post today on my blog site which you can see at the bottom of this airing which is Kindle Books Money blogger something, something, I can't ever remember the exact URL for that. My apologies. But I'm going to go ahead and list some of the other links where you can get just a free Kindle fiction books, just a free Kindle children books, just free Kindle contemporary fictions books, just free Kindle fantasy books, just free Kindle historical fiction and others. Okay? So I'm going to give you a whole slew of links that are specifically for the free Kindle books of a specific genre. So again, it's really not that difficult at all to load your Kindle with free books and think of the money you save. Just think about it. Now, let's talk a little bit about the quality of some other books.

5:54 Heidi White

You are going to find that marketers have kind of jumped into this whole Kindle thing and realized that they can make some money by getting lots and lots of books published even if they only sell a few a day and some of the books you're gonna find are going to resemble that. Typically, those are not the once that are free for just a few days, those are the once that are free forever and that is another category and those are the books that are free at all times and if you are a Kindle author you may wonder, "Well, how does somebody get a book for free," because when you go in to publisher Kindle book, let's say you have written something and you're ready to publish it and you're all excited and then you go in there to set your price, the minimum price folks is 99 cents, not zero. So how does somebody put their book up for free? Let's now even talked about why they want to, well we'll hold off on that for another show, but why -- how the people do it, well the answer from what I can tell is that there is a button on every listing for a book in Amazon where you as a reader or somebody viewing your Amazon account can report a cheaper price, because Amazon wants to beat everyone's price. So in some cases authors will take that book that if that they are writing and publishing for Amazon and they will publish it elsewhere and if they find a site such as Smashwords and list it for zero dollars on that site and then someone comes along, but maybe they're next to our neighbor or their best friend or themselves and reports that book as being cheaper somewhere else then Amazon essentially potentially may reduced that book to the zero price.

7:56 Heidi White

Now, I think Amazon might be cracking down on this strategy because what's happening is there is too many books that are free that are not necessarily of high quality and maybe they are of high quality, but again you know, sometimes the free books are necessarily worth keeping, so that's another thing. Out of the 100 per day they're probably all gonna be pretty good because those have gotten reviews typically, but when you start searching a little deeper and digging into other free books that are other you may find some that are crop and you know what, if you do so what, you just delete it from you Kindle and you know so what, right? The point is you can fill up your Kindle with so many good free books. So, I am gonna take a second here and see if anyone is calling in. Of course nobody knew I was gonna run this show, so I doubt if anybody is -- yeah, let me check splash nope, nope, nope. And for those of you who are waiting for the music sounds, didn't get any audio uploaded for this episode because it wouldn't let me and one of these days I'm gonna get some audio that's legit because I'm a real stickler for not using anything that I have the right to use. So, I'll get some original music or some music that I have the right to use and I upload that. Last episode, I played my cousin's song and it sounded horrible when I listen to the show afterwards because I put the -- I forget exactly how I did it but I had it on top of my laptop and it just sounded awful, so I apologize for that and I hope those of you who heard that episode went and listen to it properly on YouTube because their voice sound is ton better than what you got to hear on the show.

10:16 Heidi White

So anyhow the only thing I wanted to do was just talk to you about some forums that exist and I don't have the link to it right now, but there is some forums that regularly get together and they talk to each other about their favorite free books that they have purchased. They have forums for romance, forums for erotica and that type of thing, you know that those groups of people that wanna let you know what books they've recently downloaded for free and they will put a list of those books on this specific page of the forum and again I'll go ahead and get some links for those and I'll have them in the blog post at the blogger Kindle Books Money site. So, that's basically is for today's show. It's just a brief overview of how to find free Kindle books, why you should have a Kindle and to remind you to go to the links. Click on the link below this show to get to the blogger site where I am gonna have everything listed that we talked about and also a reminder to anyone who is an author of a Kindle book who would like to pitch your book on this show, feel free to call in our RSS feeds for the next announcement of our next show. We typically do this shows Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, but I wanted to throw in up this -- put when on the air this weekend and if anyone has any questions, who wants to email me, you can reach me at echobaypress@gmail.com and again this is Heidi White and...